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IS SHE OUT THERE !!! flagent32246 Recommended 278 06/09
Dating Prince Harry MissMonteCarlo 232 06/08
Honestly... Being Honest is Important GoNancyGo Recommended 265 06/07
Is chivalry a lost art form? if so... jolene1969 147 06/07
NYC Plans are out the window for the time being.. ... MissMonteCarlo 137 06/07
Fun Physical Stuff leonicvirgo 86 06/06
Mystified leonicvirgo 56 06/05
what are you afraid of?? DONTFITMOLD 211 06/04
The Triple Crown Diana3316 191 06/04
'LOVE FebruaryBeauty 126 06/03
Bucket List MissSavannah 239 06/01
Should the 1st Date Dinner be "Dutch Treat? ... ChampagneMoments 761 06/01
New member!! Brunaa 3 06/01
Seriously Ladies, Is Cooking Dinner for a Guy ... ChampagneMoments 940 05/31
believe in love extraheart 123 05/31
Responding to Winks and Emails LACanuck Recommended 224 05/30
My yard sale realtor2014 135 05/29
Women over Forty DONTFITMOLD 343 05/29
what i am not 90210dallas 230 05/27
Hummmm very interesting DONTFITMOLD 254 05/26
Songs I Like leonicvirgo 183 05/25
Men's Cologne women find most Attractive? Dakota35 690 05/25
Top shelf vs Normal women deinefrau 331 05/24
How Not to Contact a Woman LACanuck Recommended 202 05/23
Buridan's Ass Paradox easymantolove 259 05/21
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