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Dang Government! Diana3316 2,322 04/07
Is anyone sorry you voted for President Obama ... Dekan09 2,607 09/21
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Women are the most beautiful creatures on earth! ... cristian_cri2000 721 10/04
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what kind of women do men want to marry? Fairyofyourdream 431 11/17
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will i meet anyone on this site? :) Fairyofyourdream 442 11/20
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really??? DONTFITMOLD Recommended 319 10/21
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ED 3345roc 258 11/14
Digital Dating Dilemmas microblonde 257 09/24
HOW TO FIX IMMIGRATION Dekan09 222 11/24
I'm Going As... leonicvirgo 200 10/31
This Site Dekan09 455 10/05
My "Read" Stats on Winks vs Emails NomadicMe Recommended 437 10/11
Songs I Like leonicvirgo 244 05/25
How Do You Live Together With Your Girlfriend ... lisammm Recommended 135 12/11
You know I love you. born1top 123 12/10
Fishing with Fishy,,,what a joke! fishyme 84 12/08
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Most active posts
Dang Government!
Is anyone sorry you voted ...
So is anyone excited about ...
Women are the most beautiful ...
Commander in chief
Literacy in America
Do Men desire intelligent ...
what kind of women do men ...

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Literacy in America
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The President goes shopping