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Posted on Apr 21, 2006 at 09:27 PM

well im here on this site hoping to find a true one for me..(wish there is still...) i am a young single parent who been alone for five years now..i just tried doing this internet thing coz friends told me so that it is time to find a new man for me. for five years being single i concentrated on my career and my kids. i said before that i dont wanna fall inlove again for i was hurt so much with the man whom i gave everything, my whole world...and yet fooled my kids are growing up fast, and i realized somewhere along the way, something is missing...God is so good to me i know,giving me so much love and guidance, having healthy kids, good job as a nurse here in which i will be promoted as the headnurse of the ICU dept next month, passed my CGFNS exam and now reviewing for my IELTS, to start my masteral degree and more blessing to come. wish one will be "the one for me.." to love and be my bestbuddy through thick and playing time please, games are for kids. and my heart cannot afford to be hurt again...

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