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Posted on Sep 07, 2006 at 08:56 AM

I had a dream but I awoke before it was complete... in fact, it was just the beginning!!! So instead of just sharing the dream... I'd thought I'd make into a story that we could all participate in creating. The rules: 1. Paragraphs... use them when you can... it'll help the reading go along more easily. 2. If you choose to use another member's name... DO NOT degrade or insult them. 3. I'm positive that more than one person will respond to any given ending. When this happens... the next person who responds can pick the ending that they like most and respond to that one. The ending that doesn't get used can be brought up later if someone chooses to use it... we can have multiple story lines!! So now for the story!! When I came home from work I did the things that I normally do. I sat my purse down, ran to the bathroom and yelled out to my lover that I was home. He usually responds, but this time he didn't. I didn't think anything of it, I just figured he couldn't hear me. When I came from the bathroom I went to the kitchen to see if he was there... he was. His back was to me. I asked him if he'd heard me calling to him, he didn't respond. I walked around the kitchen table to face him. Had I done something wrong? He sat there with this blank stare on his face. I asked him what was wrong... he still didn't respond. I began to get scared. I couldn't understand why he wasn't speaking to me. I touched his hand and asked him again if there was anything wrong. It hit me like a bolt of lightning that he wasn't moving at all, not even to breathe. OMG!! I checked his pulse... there wasn't one. He was dead. I immediately panicked. What had happened here?? I needed to calm down and pull myself together. I needed to call the police. Before I picked up the phone I assessed the scene. I noticed that there was an empty syringe that had fallen to the floor. "Don't touch it" I said to myself. Upon looking further, I also noticed a book sitting in front of him. I picked the book up to find out the title and that's when the tab of a soda can fell to the table. Bookmark perhaps? I couldn't say. I flipped through the pages to see if the tab had left a clue as to where it could've been in the book. The book looked as though it had never been read; so it was easy to find where the tab had been. On the particular page where the tab had been, an impression had been made by the tab around the word 'love.' Finally I picked up the phone, ready to give the police as accurately as I could, details of the scene before they arrived. Something stopped me from calling the police though. Instead, the number that I dialed was that of Bonnie. She worked in healthcare, perhaps she knows someone who could find out the contents of the syringe for me. After getting Bonnie on board to help, I grabbed a piece of tissue and carefully put the syringe in a plastic baggie. I went to put the plastic baggie in my purse so that I wouldn't forget it. On my way back to the kitchen my head filled with questions. Who would kill my lover and why? What if they're after me next? And what's love got to do with it? I almost decided not to call the police altogether, but I couldn't very well leave a dead body sitting at my kitchen table. When I called the police, I pretended to be more panicky than I really was and I left out the part about the syringe. They said they were on their way. When the police got here...

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