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Posted on Apr 14, 2006 at 02:36 PM

I think too many people are concentrated on looks, sure it's a bonus but shouldn't you write deep personality before you write hot looks, because it's usually by order of preference, a lot of people do this as in the first thing being looks the last being personality so if you have the first one it's better? Some people don't seem to be aware that over the years you and your partner's looks will fade, or haven't they realised that or maybe they're planning on dumping the person at the first wrinkle, I don't know, in my opinion there's a lot of cute guys that are worse then an ass's arse and guys that one would consider ugly and extremely good people, I've seen profiles of cute guys when I see they to stuck up I simply close the window. Don't forget the fact that hot people can also give a bundle of problems, year round competition for example, lol. Don't go judging books by their covers ;) I don't know this is after all just my opinion swimming in a sea of thoughts. Best Of Wishes SKLC

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