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Posted on Nov 26, 2018 at 09:03 PM

The quest for a life filled with abundance of financial wealth. 

Good day ladies and gents I hope and pray you had a marvelous weekend, just to spike up your favorite beverages during this festive time of the year, I will put a very controversial point of view on the table topic. So pull out that favorite drink ware, grab ur favorite beverages, get to ur ( your ) favorite cozy spot, clear ur mind turn off all gizmos and gadgets tv etc, put on ur truthful mindset, relax, take a deep breath. Selah 



So today's question, would you marry a lady or a man who had one thousand mates? And during this life of multiple mates, this individual has been intimate with multiple race, and this individual is well respected, loved by many, and this individual is considered to be one of the most intelligent individual in the world. Their appearance is of excellent taste, but more than anything, this individual is the most wealthiest individual in the world, not only billions,  but have trillions of financial dollars. Wow 🥂🍻🍷🍸🍵🍹☕


So once again relax, don't answer quickly, take a sip, douse, shot, but whateveryou don't freak out. This is not for the overly reserved individual, nor the radical, but this is just simple courageous dialog, conjure up to be table topic with intelligent like minded individuals, who share conversation at water coolers, brunch,  lunch breaks etc..  So be careful of those who can't handle real life truths,  they will put you in my category, as being to free, and then they will cage you like a bird, why because it cost to be free, and many are not willing to pay the price.


So as you can see life is great, choices, hmmmm enjoy.

Sincerely Mr Born1top.

Love and peace.


PS be careful and safe. Remember only good clean dialog.

 Participate but don't hate.



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