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Posted on Sep 29, 2018 at 09:14 AM

6. Respect. I will stand with you and value your opinions. This does not mean I will agree with every move you make or everything you say, but I will defend and not allow anyone externally to speak ill of you.
7. Humor. Laughter. I try to keep things upbeat and positive. I can laugh at myself and life’s foibles. It’s essential, and will be even more so when we decide to spend our lives together.
8. A strong sense of family, family values. I have never forgotten a birthday/anniversary and think spending time with family is important.
9. Patience and tolerance. But I have enough self-respect to not let people cross that invisible line.
10. Stopping to smell the roses along the way. So many people speak of it, but how many times are you with someone who actually makes you do it? Yes, we’ll have a destination we’ll be working towards, but it’s also important to make time to appreciate the journey too.
And the bonus:
11. A sense of balance between predictability and being randomly spontaneous, to keep things fresh, engaging, exciting.

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