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Posted on Jul 05, 2018 at 02:19 PM

There was one girl she was extremely kind to others. She was very poor in a material world but still she was kind. Everyone used her a lot. But she stayed kind. There were a lot of suffers on her way but she was always kind and nice. She had a wish too, she wanted to start her own business. She recieve an Investor call and her idea and a project plan were accepted, she become successful and rich. Those people who were rude to her now look at her with a huge respect and she noticed that as well. They are calling her and saying they are sorry for all rude words. She forgave them all and give to every of them a huge hug! And she said, hey if there were not you all, I would never be successful in my life! YOU MADE ME STRONGER AND THAT IS WHY I AM HERE WHERE I AM! STANDING ON MY LEGS SO SECURE AND CALM. :)

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