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Posted on May 14, 2018 at 05:50 AM

'The loveless never finds Love'.

We are all here willingly, shopping in each other's Soul. But what attracts my attention is the well- constructed prose expressing the qualities that we want. For some, the list is short while others have a long list. The common connecting denominator is 'goodness'. Everybody wants a good character and substantial value.

It's all about 'self', what we desire. But are we equal to the occasion to savour those traits when they do appear? Or do we sabotage love? Do we have those positive traits within us?


Or should the prayer be, 'Dear God, let me develop those favourable traits in me so that I can be of value to another Soul'.

We expect the other person to behave a sure way to make us happy and if he fails, then we break the union and move on. The cycle continues, never-ending. It is all about our needs.

But fulfilling union involves two people who are already complete and are committed towards a purpose for the overall good of humanity. It is not about expectations but instead value where they are both contributing. There is an acceptance that our wounds will naturally show up in the expression of negative emotion and we shall forgive and continue with our purpose.


Marriages made in heaven is work. It is a holy assignment where two people are committed to a purpose. supporting each other in an atmosphere of compassion and forgiveness. It is neither the flickering of the heartbeat nor the bubble in the stomach associated with infatuation. It is real Love.

Love occurs occurs when we become lovable. Love is kind, patient, respectful, forgiving, honest, even-tempered and nurturing. It seeks the happiness of its beloved. When we develop this intrinsic positive attitude beneath the layers of our finery, then will we attract same.


So it is not about searching for love but returning to love, the child in us which is our true essence. Then can we magnetise same in others and what is not will shrivel alongside our path.










Real beauty never dies as it is eternal encompassing the Soul. It is referred as classical beauty because it doesn't go with the latest fashion trend but maintains its peculiar style over generations. Classical beauty radiates the content of the vessel. The body over time will wear and tear, the wrinkles will come out to mar the once perfect finish but the internal beauty of the Soul will transcend beyond the degeneration of the body to be the beauty that surpasses time.
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