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Posted on Jul 02, 2015 at 09:48 PM


ambergbay also now known as ASMILELIKEYOURS 


I am bewlidered by the two profiles. If you lost your password, MM will help you with this. 

And if you are trying to reinvent yourself, best wishes! 


AMBER, your pictures are extremely similar, (even from the same day it appears), but you mention in your new profile how you are living with someone who is cheating on you. Should you be seeking anonymity here, you won't find it, as the regulars already know who you are and your pictures are basically the same. 


Anyway, I read your new profile. 


Sorry to hear of your current "love" situation. I realize this is painful for you and you possiby want an outlet to voice your heartbreak.  With a young daughter, the pain is no doubt amplified due to her connection with your boyfriend these past 2 years.  


You seem to hold a serious need to "talk, blog, process" and you have a habit of ignoring others comments and now you have the comments section blocked on your blogs? Perhaps part of the issue is not knowing when one should put down the pen and listen?


Amber, I believe there are all types of reasons and excuses for straying..... People's psyche, not feeling loved, abuse from past, an addicition, a bad habit like smoking, neglected, etc... I'm not saying any excuse is a good one though, but, what I will state is.. 


Don't worry about why someone does something. Spend your time figuring out WHY you allow yourself to be treated this way. That answer will be far more beneficial in the end.


I truly believe that individuals who tolerate cheating as you stated you are, has just as deeply seeded issues as the cheater... 




You have a daughter to raise who needs to see she is worth more... that her mother is worth more... 





Women AND Men!!!


Someone would always write on my other social site page, "Be good to yourself." 


I didn't understand what he meant until it suddenly hit me one day. 



And in order to do this, you must KNOW YOUR WORTH... 


Let go of things and people that take advantage, as this will destroy you and sends your daughter the wrong message. 


Best of wishes your way... 





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Posted on Jul 26, 2015 at 09:33 AM

Quoting 3345roc:

I thought you were "joshing me"... thought you knew I was referring to Clint and his chair moment.



I had not seen the photo of him.. So no, I was clueless... 


I miss post soemtimes due to how MM places a wait on non-paying members.. 


Clint has his empty chair----


and now you have your spiked torture chair... 


Seems appropriate... 

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Posted on Jul 25, 2015 at 11:14 AM

Quoting 3345roc:

Well that explains quite a bit... did you captain the ship that delivered Leon to the blogs? If so, do you know whether he bought a roundtrip ticket. 


If I may, let me introduce you.


Hope meet Clint.  

Clint is an iconic actor who was first noticed in the late 80's as Rowdy Yates in a TV show called "Rawhide".  At 6'4" he was the tall, strong silent type.. sprung steel and sex appeal.  He garnered more notoriety when he did some "spaghetti westerns" in Italy and then returned to the States to make a series of Dirty Harry movies.  He's know for his one liners... you can Google him to find out more.

At 85, Clint is a shadow of his former self but still quite active.  He was a speaker at the 2012 Republican Convention for which he borrowed my chair.  He was widely criticized for addressing his remarks to an empty chair and some suggested he had Alzheimer's.  The media failed to recognize that the empty chair was a metaphor for an empty suit... I doubt I'll ever get the chair back.


Clint meet Hope.  She is the woman you've been searching for and never found and now you're too old to do anything about it. I know, I know... I feel your pain.

OH, THAT Clint!!! 


Yes, I do know THAT Clint.. and adore him! 


He is a fellow DISGRUNTLED REPUBLICAN who believes in small government and larger guns! ;-) 

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Posted on Jul 23, 2015 at 09:27 AM

Quoting 3345roc:

My chair, hell no Hope.  I loaned it to Clint years ago and never got it back.



I don't think I know anyone named Clint? He must have been here many years ago. I think I arrived off my spaceship in 2010? 

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Posted on Jul 22, 2015 at 05:06 PM

BORN --- If I am ever out your way, or you out mine.. I'd love to chat and have a nice dinner. I've met people in real life from MM and other social sites. WAY KEWL!!! ;-) 


THANKS ROC- Did you even see your chair? 


Oh hell---- 


I'm just gonna make an annoucnement! ;-0)

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Posted on Jul 20, 2015 at 10:13 AM



No worries for me. Just responding to comments received on my blog here. I have been on MM for YEARS and cannot complain when I am ignored, if I ignore others who reply to me or on my blogs. 




I no longer feel sympathy... If I say anymore, I will be considered a meanie.. so I will stop there...


I think I am going to post a couple of blogs OF SUBSTANCE.... so we have some content to discuss aournd here...


I've grown bored with the ME, ME, ME SECTION OF THE BLOGS!


(I think some people are secretly related to our narcistic leader! LoL) 

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Posted on Jul 20, 2015 at 04:54 AM




Its always nice to hear from you ...I thought this blog is gone ..


In my opinion I would rather close the book for Amber because you have done your  best and she doesn't need our help ...

There is a saying here " NEVER STOP A MOVING TRAIN " and that is my Philosophy too ..I never run after somebody ......

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Posted on Jul 19, 2015 at 11:25 AM

Quoting Quelque_Part:[QUOTE_ID]2472293[/QUOTE_ID]

How are the blogs treating you? Had any prospects, or is this more like the California Gold Rush and you are one of the travelers who died on the way!!! HA!


That's why most of us just come for the blogs!  


So do tell... 


What's your story? What prompted you here?

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Posted on Jul 19, 2015 at 11:22 AM

Quoting fishyme:[QUOTE_ID]2472309[/QUOTE_ID]



I do want to visit Alaska!! I watched yesterday about the bears that catch the salmon!! WOW! I want to stand on that bridge they built, (the people built, not the bears.. LOL) and watch them in action! 


What's the weather like your way? Having a warm summer? Did it ever hit 90 again? 


Love the picture! What is that in the pan? 


One day FISHY, I am headed your way! Just have to find a man so he can bring me!  I have a GF who has been to Alaska often. SHE LOVES IT! 


Plan on having a bourbon with me, dear! 


Chat soon! ;-) 

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Posted on Jul 19, 2015 at 11:06 AM



Okay, I have dissected this again and again in my little blonde brain and have yet to come up with the perfect response. Sue me.. I am far from perfect. Therefore if what I say "offends" anyone, SO BE IT. But, I for one, am not one to ignore the pink elephant in the room-- esp when others are saying... 




I seek to select my words carefully. 


I originated this blog out of compassion and lack of understanding. I spoke from my heart from the little bit of information I could summon according to what was available to view. 


I meant what I said. 



I reached out to someone in hopes they would recognize this. I felt personal growth was in order. 


This most certainly was NOT meant to be a bashing arena... HOWEVER, when those who refuse to help themselves and continue the destructive behaviors others warn them of, 


well... even those Kardashians will take any attention they can get. And when it reflects poorly... they deserve it. 


Kind of like Kanye when he does something stupid and then people post things about what a jerk he is. 

Like, DUH??? 




It is a sad day when a grown woman cannot recognize how desperate they look to others. 


I would ignore this issue, but being I was the one who originated this thread and I have several comments regarding AMBER, I would be RUDE in not addressing what several of you are saying. Know that if this were someone else's blog, I would probably just walk away. But it is my blog, so I can't.  It would be highly hyprocritcal for me to complain when my thoughts are ignored, if I ignored others in my own room.


It is not worth my time to try and entertain someone so stuck on themselves, they see no one else anyway, but I will address the spectators making comments.


 I absolutely agree with the assessments I have seen here. Honestly, it does not take Einstein to figure this simplistic stuff out. There are two types of ATTENTION MONGERS out there.. 


Those that receive it due to poor actions who don't really want the attention. (Lyndsey Lohan type-- get into trouble due to bad actions and people watching it and taking notes) 


OR, the Kardashian type where they don't really care about the "quality" of attention, just the "quantity." They are just so attention starving they feel the need to "peacock." 


Yes this type behavior looks pathetic, desperate, pleading, etc. and yes, it a clear sign of emotional issues and lack of personal development, BUT---- I prefer to not waste my time on this issue, as t has become obvious to me now WHY a man would seek another woman's attention when commtted to a Kardashian attention seeker. 


It certainly isn't right and there are better ways to handle the issue, BUT, we are all human. 


Some men or women probably find themselves in a situation where THEY need SOMEONE---- ANYONE to pay attention to them, merely because the individual they are committed to is too SELF-CENTERED and paying attention only to themselves and not addressing their partner's needs. 


So when I said, "Know your worth." 


Well, guess what... 


Perhaps some people are correct. 

They truly aren't worth more than they give. 






I was sympathetic before, but after viewing what we have all witnessed in these past weeks.. 


NOPE! I wish everyone the best always, but I really do not feel sorry for someone who gets cheated on when it is obvious to the masses, they feel they are the only important person in the world. I cannot fathom how difficult and lonely it must be to live with someone as this. 


When someone spends all their time trying to convince themselves and others how wonderful they are, due to their own lack of maturity and insecurities.... IT GETS OLD, QUICKLY... 


Besides, if someone has a BF for past 2 years, WHY does their profile state looking? 

Seems a wee bit hypocritical to me. 





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Posted on Jul 19, 2015 at 10:05 AM

Quoting 3345roc:[QUOTE_ID]2472635[/QUOTE_ID]





Oh never you mind... 






(And DAK... You may as well get ready, cuz you are assuredly NEXT!) LoL

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Posted on Jul 19, 2015 at 10:01 AM

Quoting born1top:[QUOTE_ID]2472349[/QUOTE_ID]



Sending you a smile.... 


(Old pic, but biggest smile I could find...)

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Posted on Jul 19, 2015 at 09:57 AM

Quoting Maryclaire2000:[QUOTE_ID]2472288[/QUOTE_ID]



Oh the stories from the Assisted Living Facility I could speak of... (not using names, of course, due to HIPPA laws in the states.) 


I had a similar experience before when a new girl was shadowing me. The man was pretty much confined to his hos[ital bed in the living room. Could get up for a few moments to shower with assistance, but pretty much just laid in bed. 


Well, we went in to give him his food. You knock, wait few seconds and enter, as he could not feasibly get up to answer the door. We walk in, her carrying the tray, and I go to sign the log showing he has been visited. I try to rush her out of the room immediately, saying things such as, "We have a lot to do, let's not keep him." etc.. yet she is trying to chatter with the 93 year old man. 


We get out the door, I look at her and say, "ARE YOU CLUELESS? Could you not tell he was jerking off when we entered the room? You didn't see his hands under the covers going up and down?" 


MC- I about died of laughter! This elderly man had the surgery for a fake wee wee years before and he was quite the character! LAWD the laughs  got from that man! 


I told the young lady who was shadowing me... 


"Sweetheart, you work in nursing now. 100% of your job is OBSERVATION. You need to see things BEFORE they happen. So should you ever enter another room and the covers are a movin'.... GET OUT AND GIVE PRIVACY! That's the ony enjoyment that man may have all month, BUT I SURE DON'T WANT TO BE A PART OF IT!" LoLoL...


HOPE YOU ARE DOING WELL MS. MARY.... I spend my life with the computer turned on.. (I write and design websites) so I grow tired of it, making me sparse on commenting. But I do try and come check to see what is going on... ;-) 

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Posted on Jul 19, 2015 at 12:19 AM




I agree with you  ...


Given the time and the chance ROC can do the killing once a day ..He's entitled to it ...OMG Is he ?? 


Amber asked us to leave her alone and we did but something bothers me " why does she have to come to the MM site " when she can confide to the next closest and trusted person to her " or a girls best friend besides Diamond " the DIARY " ..AS you said Dak , maybe she needs attention but just couldn't admit it as well as getting advice from an intruder ...

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Posted on Jul 10, 2015 at 03:36 PM


***** BORN1TOP *****


Hey ! Glad to hear from you again .... Thanks for the flowers !!! 

When I was young I was too shy although I was active with the Curricular activities but then I witnessed , saw and heard a lot of things privately and Professionally ..and now at my age nothing surprises me anymore ...Thats why I warn you never underestimate old people ...We are very straightforward , fearless , open , funny and still raring to go ...Btw I can tell more stories ...Haha ...

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Posted on Jul 10, 2015 at 01:26 PM

My my my if this is not the most interesting site. That's why we come back to see who is new, how many still here, who needs help, who don't need help,who got laid and lied too etc. MC I thank you for ur comment but I would have never quest u had it in you to go so deep all I can say is wow. And hello as I crash hope site and hello to everyone.          Hope I'm still waiting on that smile you sweet sexy dish. I'm smiling as I type big smile. 

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Posted on Jul 10, 2015 at 12:05 AM

High ya Hoping girl!


  You women sure have some strange ways of dealing with stuff. I went and read  ASMILELIKEYOURS profile, broken heart, that's for sure but to blog and turn off comments well, that's way over this pea brains head.


  Wishing her well is about all that I can do but I can't leave that as a comment on any of her blogs.



 I'm loving the new pictures that you've been posting, you really missed out comming up here, it was 90F for a few days a couple of weeks ago. Rumor has it that in 2025 it will do it again     :-]

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Posted on Jul 09, 2015 at 10:28 AM

Thank you, Hoping - for the welcome and the comments regarding paying vs non-paying membership. I wasn't sure about that. Most sites will not let you respond at all if you are not a paying subscriber and so I paid. 


I found my way to the blog and I see I like it - I enjoy reading what people write and clearly have a voice as well :-)


It does seem like we think alike - the meme you posted is a meme that I posted on my FB page last month - I LOVE THAT quote!!!


You seem like such a lovely lady (and wise and beautiful to boot) - lets hope both of us find our great love in 2015.


And thank you so much for all the lovely compliments - always a joy to meet like minded people xx

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Posted on Jul 09, 2015 at 02:50 AM


HOPING , you're funny ..Dont worry you will still have a lot of your life and sex ...You are still young and beautiful ...Don't you know that sex is the last thing that fades in us ...I have worked before in a Home for the Aged ..One day I have to change a Catheter dressing of a 80yrs. Old guy but my Colleagues forgot to tell me that the said person is still virile so I went to his room and started to clean the part smooth and fine but then he started to be uncomfortable and I saw that his willy is standing high and he started to work on it ...I thought shit what then so I finished the work in 2 min. and left the room as fast as I could .. From then on I thought never understimate old people ...

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Posted on Jul 08, 2015 at 11:52 AM

Quoting Quelque_Part:

Very interesting thread - and yes a very interesting woman who has gotten much interest - including mine. I suppose my big question for her would be why on earth is she paying a monthly fee to be on a site (that she doesn't even like) just so she can blog? Perhaps she is really looking for a man to save her?


Regardless, there are many other ways for her to talk out her pain, if that is what she needs - why here?


I agree with easymantolove that she is entitled to her process without judgement BUT when anyone puts themselves out there in the way that she has, people will have an opinion - we humans are like that :-)


I hope she finds her value and her peace ....



Excellent thoughts!Iagree and have a feeling we may think very much alike.


So what brings you to our little land of Blog? 


I will have to review your profile and see more about you. 


Just an FYI---- 


The green star means paying member. Most of us do not pay to be here. 


Here are some of your benefits to paying---


Your blogs / comments appear immediately.. Ours may take 24 hours.

You can write people privately... We can only respond when written to.


Those are a couple of major things...


Anyway, WELCOME!!! Hope to see you around! Always fun to have new exciting people here!



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