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Posted on Fri, Oct 25, 2013 14:44


This should be a pledge for our lives, and I try to follow it. Africa has it's problems, but so does the U.S. Money seems to marginalize the budget for philanthropy to it's level, and sector giving seems to be the key.

We all have things around the house that had value to us, but are tarnished for the time it has possessed us, yet we have deposessed the passion to eye it, taste it, hear it..........  Valuable items can go into auctions for value, and the money proceed to worthy causes. That old woman shivering in the cold downtown should have basic comforts, no matter what the situation, including dementia(one of the hard realities of street homeless), and a 5 or 10 on the spot helps. Small homeless shelters are lifted up with a feed,  presents the occupants recieve that are practical to mental posturing, and the uphoria flows through their season. Group giving is fun, and rewarding.

The true reality is that giving builds character, and produces OCTONIN which is our natural euphoric drug of passion, elation that ONE made a difference, and rewards from  Elohi'm(Hebrew)

Meg(my youngest gal), lives by this, as do I, so you millionaires out there....SPIN THE WHEEL OF GIVING!

LV1QUILLIONTWIT:   @};-;-;-\;;;;  :-:-:-}









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Posted on Sun, Oct 27, 2013 15:37

I agree. A constructive approach to world issues is key. Destructive solutions only create destruction in our lives.

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