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Posted on Aug 09, 2013 at 09:40 AM

One Saturday a couple of years ago, it occurred to me that it was the Sabbath.  Nice.  A thought entered my mind, "Do you remember the Sabbath and keep it holy?"  Uh oh, God.  "Yes..."  "How?"  "Uhhh...well, I just remembered that this is the Sabbath...  I haven't murdered anyone or held up any convenient stores."  I was bargaining already.  "What have you done to remember the Sabbath?"  "Done? What should be done?"  "Did you work today?  It's supposed to be a day of rest."  "Oh." 




So, I started to think it over.  First of all, which day of the week are we talking about?  Does it matter if it's Saturday or Sunday?  I don't know.  I decided on Saturday, because with all the church, and visiting, and dinners on Sunday, it just gets unrestful.  Plus, if you start the Sabbath on Friday evening, and end it Saturday evening, you've still got Saturday night.  So, Saturday it was.  




First, I made it a day of rest.  I tried to let myself really, truly get bored.  No TV, no phone, no travel, no computer.  Maybe some reading.  Sometimes I would lie in the bedroom with the lights off, especially if there was a thunderstorm, because then I could listen to the rain on the roof.  I would pray that God would speak to me, and then just wait.  Sometimes it was a long wait.  Sometimes it would thunder right after I prayed that.  I assumed it was God.  When I did hear from God, it would be music, beautiful music, or a walk down a favorite memory lane.  




I saw that I needed to prepare ahead for the Sabbath - chores done, everything fresh, meals prepared ahead.  Special meals.  




The whole day became special and every week I had a holiday that I looked forward to.  I was surprised to notice that I got more done during the week.  Why?  Probably because I was rested.  

Bab : )
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