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Posted on Jul 28, 2013 at 07:34 AM


Successful dating for true love on dating websites is not about sex and looks. It is true that many people will be attracted through looks and what you say, but it is much more beyond that. 99.99% will consider your picture and what you say before taking another step but beyond that your true self will begin to manifest itself to smart people who really know what they are looking for.


Your looks and pictures are for everyone scanning through but your real character is what determines a relationship beyond pictures and what you say. This takes the first minute a person contacts you and how you work it from there.


This means everyone has a list of what they are skeptical of and what they are looking for in a partner they want. This is my second dating experience. The first took me less than a week to get a partner with whom we got married for seven years and have very beautiful life and three kids. We broke up due to things I cannot explain here out of respect. But I think it was a successful website dating experience.


I personally do not think anyone want to marry a bad or negative person even if we are negative. This means if you have trades in you that are repellant to a majority of people you have to begin fixing them as you prepare to meet a person you want to fall in love with. If you are okay do not be afraid to lay your character to your partner as you begin to communicate in days.


If you have fundamental principles that protects you and can improve your relationship do not be afraid to bring them out carefully. Most often that is what partners want to hear instead. An intelegent advice to a date that makes sense and make them have a second thought on certain importantant issues that may be affecting them or people in thir lives is a very powerful establishing point in a date. Every date wants an inteleigent and gentle partner.


I have realised nowadays three things compete in the minds of most serious women when making decisions on who they want to pick for a partner. Love, intelligence and being gentle. When a man proves to a woman that they can lead intelectually they almost sweep them on their feet. Leading intellectually means, making positive decisions, giving good advice, encourage a woman in various positive ways that improves their personality and self worthiness. A woman will kill for this. A woman subconsciously thinks that an intelligent man may surely be a good and loving person because they expect them to have good judgment. This is the most powerful trades of women and what makes them vulnerable too. Because if they make the wrong judgement of the judgmenal capabilities of the man they pick they get screwd up. However the less serious ones will focus sex, money and looks and end up getting screwed big time all the time.


Everyone going on a dating website is looking for someone they have not found in their day today activities. This means they have a problem need solution. They have numerous questions they are looking for answers. You must strive to have at least 75% of the answers they are looking for. This includes comfort, security, love, harmony and continuity. Every date want answers to these questions as soon as possible. This may not happen in a single even but can you provide answers or at least some in a couple of dates?


Understand that every date does not trust you especially if they have a rough past... I do not want to be hurt any more. It is your duty to keep them at easy with your personality. Be sincere, respectful and be yourself. Express your feelings if the person is open and friendly. Do not wait for too long. Dates want to know how you feel. What is your plan in a relationship, can you handle the date in your presence. Dates watch your every look, conversation, movements and etc. They are not sure what they are getting into. Make them confortabl. I for one has nothing to hid and I always speak as if I already know my date after a couple of minutes. I keep people comfortable when we meet in a couple of minutes. If it is through chatting a couple of conversations will determine if this is someone I want or not to be continued.


My attitude confuses people at times for a couple of days because I am very dynamic and free minded. But once the person gets to understand that I have a unique way of life things get very heated very fast and bonding speeds up very fast. Separation becomes more and more impossible because I keep investing a positive spirit in the relationship. People need positivity in their lives. If you have it you will always get want you want fast if only you can presntly it effectively.


Trust me many people who date online are very negative and skeptical. It is the way our society is built. You need a lot of work to clean even an intelligent and good person's mind before you can take unto a serious relationship. Do not be so negative. You are negative and you do not have an idea you are. There are nice people out there but you have to begin with yourself to get a better person for yourself


to be continued...

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