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Posted on Jul 20, 2013 at 01:49 PM

Education is important for one reason, it connects you with your generation that is learning and preparing for a future. Those going to school are a class and you being there are shaping which class you will belong. Secondly education builds your capacity to think constructively if your family and immediate society cannot provide it out of the classroom. Fortunately I got both. I come from a royal family and there you are well guided to understand tradition, culture, art and so many things that modern society neglects but that builds unique qualities in us.


However, after education it is up to any individual to evaluate what that education means and how to use it. I have a degree and a series of diplomas but I have never used them in anyway. I own a very interesting software company with some very innovative ideas and products in an industry not relating to anything I ever studied. I do not know, but then my products are telling me that I may be close to reaching where people like Steve Job and Bill gates got their universal changing ideas.


The truth is our minds are programmed to have the capacity to learn, grow and creatively think beyond our wildest imagination with little guidance. I am happy to think creatively but just a tenth of that comes from conventional formal education. Bob Marley said if he had conventional formal education he would have been a fool. He is partially correct, because formal education brainwashes the weak to depend on their system’s idea of “formal education equals knowledge, intelligence, work or employment.” Which is a lie.

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