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Posted on Sat, May 18, 2013 09:23

After returning to the journal article "Empirical Analysis of Online Dating”, by Günter J. Hitsch and Ali Hortaçsu of the University of Chicago and Dan Ariely of MIT, I found even more interesting predictors.  I'll try and be brief:

Who is Likely to Respond to Emails? Men by 70% to 40%.  Attractive women only respond by 14%.

Reasons for Sending the Initial Email: How good looking they are.

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Relationships: Only 17% chance of getting an email response if you list "casual relationships."  Women look for "long-term relationship" listing.

Photo: No photo. No emails.

Weight:  Women receive 77% more emails if they are fit.  Fit women respond to fit men.  Overweight people get few emails.

Hair Color: Women with long blond hair get the most contact emails; men with red hair the least.

Income:  Women are attracted to a higher income man; men generally don't care.  Rich women get no more extra contacts than poor women. 

Occupation: Top occupations for men are legal professions, military, firefighters, and health-related. Manufacturing only gets you 10% response. Men didn't care about a woman's occupation.

Ethnicity: By far, people prefer their own ethnicity with not much crossover.  Asian men and women were the least discriminating.

Age:  Men avoid women older than themselves; most women avoid men younger than themselves; 5 year range is the idea for both genders.

Kids and History: People with kids prefer somebody with kids; people without kids don't want someone with kids; people who are divorced prefer a divorced person; never married women avoid divorced men.

**My top strength is"learning." So, my blogs are learning-focused. ~Orlando

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Posted on Sun, May 19, 2013 09:00

Most women are hardworking and just looking for some extra support in life, someone who is going to be there when you need them most. As for the attractiveness , it can be a two way street most men are to into themselves to realize what they once had is gone. But the rest of the article I believe its correct.

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Dakota35 Recommended
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Posted on Sun, May 19, 2013 03:14

Hey Orlando,


I'm pretty much in agreement with everything you posted.


I personally could care less about a woman's long as she is not lazy and a slob. I believe, I'd be just as happy with a woman that has common sense and works at WallyWorld.   


Sadly, looks are a huge factor in why a man will respond...and this goes for women also, although they deny it.  Looks get the response but personality keeps the attention.  I've dated women that were highly educated & successful, and being with them made me feel good.  So I guess that would superceed just looks.  But they were attractive so the education was just icing on the cake.  


I'm pretty much the typical guy as I prefer women younger than myself.  I'm fully aware that it's not logical to go to extremes with age difference.  I still act pretty goofy at times so it might be good for me if a woman is slightly younger.  If she is also good with crazy people, then I think that would be a perfect fit for me.


  As for dating out of my race, I do prefer my own race, but with that still comes down to attraction for me. 


I had rather find a woman with no children, but children for me are not a deal killer.  In fact I asked out a woman that had 4 kids (okay she looked really hot that night...later I came to my senses).  I was interested in another woman with 3 children.  Of course, I don't know how I would have felt about it had it worked out...I think to a large extent that has to do with the woman and how she is with her children.


I'm sure most men do prefer women that are fit.  Some men are total hypocrites in this area.  I try to keep in good shape so as not to be one of those men.  That way I can justify not wanting a over-weight woman. 


Lastly, I've actually gotten many responses and never put up a photo, but I had to work hard to do it.  Ultimately women are more verbal than visual.  Women appreciate a man that can hold a good conversation, keep their attention and interest...and a man that will listen and be sympathetic.


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Posted on Sat, May 18, 2013 12:11

You did a great job! 99.9% so true... 

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