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Posted on May 16, 2013 at 08:49 PM

 I have just returned home from a 30 hour stay at the VA hospital in Bay Pines, Florida


After a week of pain, little sleep, and inability to keep anything down, I finally came to the conclusion that a visit to the health care professionals was needed


In the last 30 hours I had a chest x-ray, sonagrams for heart and kidneys, a subway ride into a cat scan, multiple blood samples, and a gastro photo shoot. The technologies were amazing.


Although my patient patience was at times frustrated and confrontational the nursing staff and doctors were tolerant and professional....I wasnt the worst they have encountered.


My hats is off to those that work in health care in the personal level ....the business of Health Care isnt ALL about money and profits


Thank GOD for the VA ....the cost to me ZERO  


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Posted on May 18, 2013 at 09:25 AM

OH DON!! So sorry to hear of your health issues!! 




As a former health care working w/ the nursing division, I AGREE! Not ALL areas of health are concerned w/ money. THERE ARE WONDERFUL NURSES, NURSING ASSISTANTS, FACULTY and EVEN DOCTORS WHO CARE ABOUT THE PATIENT'S WELL BEING! 




NATIONAL NURSES DAY was celebrated recently, and I had wanted to write a blog to THANK ALL Nurses and Staff... But, I have had serious internet issues, and missed it... 




Your post reminds me of how I feel... THERE ARE SOME INCREDIBLE PEOPLE OUT THERE DEDICATED TO "US" .. WHEN WE ARE ILL! (Even for the more grouchy patients!) LOL... ;)




I'm glad you received such great care, and glad you decided to get checked out! Don, we don't see you around here much anymore. Your lack of presence is missed! I had hoped it was due to "having fun!" Sorry to hear it was quite the opposite!! :( 




Please take good care of yourself, keep us posted, and do not hesitate to go back and get re-checked should you need to! I am sorry to hear you have struggled with your health! What was the outcome? 








We both saw this coming! The stresses you have endured would eventually take it's toll.. 




BREATHE baby doll! :)




I'll write back today! Wish I could call instead! I hope the nurses and staff were as gracious to you as they have been for Don and me.... 






The eldery IS a serious issue for certain. That is one field we have severely lacked in! Coming from Florida where many elderly go to live due to the climate, I have witnesed a lot in this arena. I also  have been blessed to work along side HOSPICE personnel and can say I have been nothing but impressed by their care and the way they treat the patient and their families. I hope your father is doing better! 




For any nurses and helpers etc... THANK YOU AGAIN... 








♥♥♥ To ALL my friends in NURSING--- HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY and THANK YOU for your loving care, your thoughtful words and your gracious smile! Having spent many days very ill in the hospital, I assure you... EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE can affect your patients in a POSITIVE or negative way. I was very BLESSED w/ some AWESOME NURSES @ Florida Hospital. They might not know me from Adam today, but their comfort and care has never been forgotten. You meet many people feeling their worst physically and emotionally; who leave in better health w/ a renewed attitude-- and much of this is due to you! May GOD BLESS YOU, as you have blessed others! ♥♥♥

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Posted on May 17, 2013 at 06:37 PM

Be Positive...Thanks, I went to work today.....nice to know the tests showed I was in great shape for the shape I'm in

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Posted on May 17, 2013 at 04:41 AM

Hope you are up and about in no time, DFTM.   I enjoy your blogs!!  Stay healthy and positive my friend and YES......thank heavens for great doctors, nurses and the VA.

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Posted on May 17, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Oh, Don. I hope you are alright now? Glad to have you back. Big ((((hugs)))).


Incidentally, I have also been in and out of hospital lately with my last stay being just yesterday. I had similarly tests - numerous blood tests, CT brain scan, the whole works.


I was worried that I had had some neuro-problem, but it turns it is not neurological but exhaustion and extreme stress!!!


I shall now start winding down and taking life easy. Still not 100%, but I have a lot of love and friends who've been on hand to help. It would have been a lot more difficult without their help.


Don - do take care of yourself.



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