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Posted on Apr 26, 2013 at 05:29 AM

Sassism:  Take a minute to think about all that took place in the span of 24 hours to make today be today...are those happy thoughts, were you blessed?  Or are you thinking of the negative things?  And if you are dwelling on the negative things, are you doing so with a hopeful heart, perhaps pondering what you learned that will make you a better person?  What can you do to rectify it with a better perspective?...You see, we do indeed have a lot of control over our destiny after all...God is indeed good.  Selah  


Sassism:  Affirmation brings inspiration, and inspiration brings about purpose which then brings esteem that leads to action which results in blessings and that, my friends, is what coming full circle is all about.   There are many circles to move in throughout your life...I choose this one.  Be blessed.  Selah


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