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Posted on Apr 23, 2013 at 04:36 AM


by Sandi Finck (Notes) on Saturday, September 5, 2009 at 10:41pm

Being of petite or short stature, I find myself in the pigmy section of the department stores on most of my shopping excursions. Most of the time I can find something that suits my taste, but there are times I am longingly gazing across the aisle at some stylish item in the misses department. Most of you know that the misses department has a huge selection of apparel specifically for women who are in the 5'6" height range wearing a two inch heel. I have to say that about 90% of these items do not work for my vertically challenged, chunky frame. Tailored looks with clever stitching are most flattering if you must know. Unfortunately, petite departments can be quite limited and even there most pants still need altering. But I am optimistic so I'll mosey (sp?) on over and see if my size is there and if it is....maybe just maybe I can get away without having to make alterations. You can forget about the pants and jeans....I have a 26 inch inseam. I know you are snickering so stop it right now.....capris for the average height can just about do it as pants for me on occasion. Some knit tops do nicely, but the more fitted items like jackets, pants and such require the skills of a seamstress and can cost as much as I paid for the item being altered. 

So why am I telling you my woefull tales of clothes shopping and my quest for a good fit? I'll do my best to convey something that has been rattling around in my head for a while now. 

While we journey through life on this earth it seems in many cases that we try to alter Christ to fit our lives. Our quest for that "good fit" or level of "comfort." The worldly mindset is that we are the center of the universe and that everything is to revolve around us, making our lives effortless, seamless. We become indignant when things don't go along with our plan. Oh we like the idea of living a Christ centered life, the fabric is of the finest quality, those that wear it, wear it well. We want that. So we put it on and wear it proudly, but after a while, something changes and it feels a little "confining." Too restrictive. It needs to be "let out" to give us some wiggle room. When we get that wiggle room we find that we become hot and uncomfortable so we cut some more to better fit our lives. A nip here, a tuck there.....After all these changes, what we ultimately get is not a garment that represents a Godly life, but a tattered, threadbare costume that no longer resembles anything Christ-like. What we should have been doing is altering our lives to fit Christ. Remember a long time ago there were those who tried to change Jesus to fit their lives while he was with us. So much so that they cut him, beat him, put him on a cross and killed him because he made them uncomfortable. But he never waivered. He was God's Son, made of the very finest fabric. He was, is and will be. They couldn't change him to fit their lives then and we can't now. We must alter ourselves to become like Christ. Making those alterations can be very difficult. For some it involves giving up old habits, friends and addictions that we found sinful pleasure in. It could be changing careers, stepping out in faith, serving where we have never served before. It involves shrugging off the world, giving up your limited understanding and resting on His Word. It means you may be persecuted for your faith in Him. So are you ready to make that first cut? 

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