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Posted on Apr 19, 2013 at 07:18 AM

Sassism: Have you ever noticed the eyes of a child? Just try this with me..close your eyes and bring to your mind an image of a sweet child you know and picture their face in your mind. Now relax your own face completely, open your eyes and lift your eyelids to make your eyes open bigger, keeping your face, your cheeks relaxed...allow your shoulders to relax as well and just look.....give yourself a minute to just take in your surroundings absorbing the things you see, allowing yourself to hear what is around you. Do you see the facial expressions of the people around you? Can you see and sense their body language? Are they happy? Are they arguing? Are you listening to them talking? Is the radio playing in the background? Pretend your mind is new, without cynicism, doubt, fear, sarcasm, hate, sadness & mistrust.

If you are not in denial of your own role in contributing the above to a child, well then you are getting where I am going with this...if you think this is a bunch of nonsense..well, keep reading anyway, it may hit you upside the head one day. 

We think our children are primarily pre-occupied with play and don't take in their surroundings so we unconsciously subject them to our own strife, our struggles, the darker side of ourselves. I know we cannot completely shield our children from the things of this world, but we can and should be more aware of their taking in EVERYTHING..that is what their little minds are made for, its what they do, their primary function as children.

Over the years, the beautiful open expression, the look of reception and eagerness to take it in will eventually change. Those beautiful eyes will become guarded to shield the soul from things that hurt, disappoint & betray. Eyelids will come down, facial muscles will tighten and they will look away, or worse yet, look down. Their receptive body language will draw up, shoulders drawing in and as this is happening on the exterior, can you imagine what is going on inside, whats transpiring within their very little minds, their souls? 
Eventually it will come back to be displayed in their actions. 

Every unkind word you speak, every unresolved fight, every hurtful stare, every time you do not act in what is right is being absorbed by innocents in your path. A heavy responsibility I have often failed at myself. I am not writing this to make you feel less, I am writing this to remind you that you are more than what you have settled for and you are a powerful presence in the lives of the young within your own circle of life. It's never too late to do what is right, what is Godly. Selah

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