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Posted on Apr 13, 2013 at 06:54 AM

Sassism: Surprised sweetly by a phone call from my most favorite oldest daughter this morning. Catching up with each other, I feel my arms aching for one of her amazing embraces. I swear that girl radiates sunshine, even through the phone. 

We were talking about some bumps in the road of marriage that she and her hubby were experiencing. When I get those calls, I try very hard to be a Godly influence (ya'll know the fence I tight rope walk on), its hard being impartial as her mama at times, but I think the Lord has my back. What I shared with her this morning I think is worth repeating in this Sassism. 

We do each other a disservice when we give the ones closest to us our reactions instead of our responses. In most cases, those reactions are our knee jerk thoughts that come flying out without the benefit of a few speed bumps that God should have strategically placed in our mouths. And what winds up happening is our responses (which aren't usually far behind those reactions) never get voiced because we have stubbornly pledged allegiance to those reactions due to our pride and they never make it out of our mouths. 

Those that we love deserve that pause, that couple of seconds that can either make or break the moment. Oh, and those moments add up to either a strong foundation of trust, respect and love, or they eventually erode away that trust, respect and love to the point of no return. 

An intimate relationship doesn't mean "no holds barred" in all areas. Yes, you want to be able to be transparent and candid with the ones you swore to love and protect, but there is also a responsibility of self control over your own sinful nature that should not be unleashed upon each other. We have an obligation to protect, not just from others, but from ourselves, giving our best to those we love, instead of giving our worst. Many can already attest that a wedding ring is not a guaranty that they are going to endure it but for only so long. 

You held each other up over the much so that you took the step to bind your heart to each other before God til the end of time. So you should be treating each other likewise until the end of time. .....Selah

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