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Posted on Dec 31, 2012 at 05:54 PM

HI My Agnostic and Atheist friends!!!!




SO MUCH dissension has been created lately directly reflecting on the opposing views of Christians VS. Atheist... Rather than fight, I prefer "Understanding" and "Acceptance" of others views. Therefore I wish to pose a question for my own personal enlightenment....




For the individuals who do NOT believe Jesus is our Savior, do you celebrate Christmas? As I was growing up, I was not "allowed" to celebrate ANY holidays, or my birthday; so when I left home, I started celebrating EVERYTHING I could! It was a huge deal when I purchased my first Christmas tree and although I only recently "accepted" Jesus, I STILL celebrated Christmas, (NOT even knowing what the meaning behind it was) So I bought my children presents, listened to the music etc. I did this although I was agnostic until I was in my 40's, because I wanted my children to "be normal" and "fit in"; the things I never felt when I was young and as a bonus, it was "fun!" WHO DOESN'T LIKE GETTING PRESENTS! ;)




So, do you, as a non-believer celebrate Christmas and put up a tree and buy gifts etc? Or do you tell your children you don't believe in Jesus as being God's son, so you omit the holiday? I mean, Christmas IS about Jesus.... But I celebrated for years despite no real understanding of the celebration.




AND, does being Agnostic or Atheist affect any other holidays like Easter? I know many Christians who are against Halloween. (I am not one of them... I use it to play "dress up!") 




I know the Jewish community believes Jesus existed, and was a great man; just not the son of God. Does the Jewish faith believe Jesus was resurrected? If so, do they celebrate Easter as the resurrection of Jesus? One thing I have noted that I admire of the Jewish faith is "acceptance of others!" (Except for marriage! LOL) 


Anyway, I was not "allowed" the freedom to explore such things as a child. I wasn't even allowed friends in the outside world. I've never explored these issues and I am not one who will go all crazy if someone doesn't feel the way I do, so I thought I might ask what others believe. I do not feel we are all to believe in Jesus. I mean, it SAYS SO in that thing we call THE BIBLE, so why would I ever argue with someone about it? 




So if anyone wishes to enlighten me here, please do. NOTE: This is NOT a debate on God! I think we've all had enough of that! I merely am asking how holidays such as Christmas affects non-believers. 




I respect the right for everyone to hold and share their own views. In fact, I expect it! As a Christian, the Bible tells me not everyone will believe the same as I do. I didn't even believe as I do until I was 41! Therefore I feel  it is "innapropriate" trying to convince anyone to believe as I believe by typing words on a keyboard. I am more an action girl. Fighting over beliefs is stupid in my eyes. I also find that type behavior to be disrepectful to others, regardless their belief. If anyone becomes nasty, or is disrespectful, I will exercise my right to delete and possiby block members. 




































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Posted on Jan 01, 2013 at 12:59 PM

I was Christened but I'm not a believer. I do believe Jesus existed but do not believe he was the son of God. I do celebrate Christmas not really as the birth of Jesus but as a nice traditional family gathering. In countries where it is dark in the winter with cold weather, it's nice to have the brightness and warmth of Christmas to break up the winter. I think the Christmas tree tradition came from Queen Victoria's time. I'm sure she was given a candle lit tree as a gift.  Christmas is all so commercialised now. It's more about Santa Clause and the giving and receiving of presents than about the birth of Jesus for many. So I celebrate Christmas as a nice family gathering, the giving and receiving of gifts and the nice brightness and warmth Christmas brings.


I remember a few years ago returning to work after Christmas saying to a lady- did you have a nice Christmas? She said she was a Jehovah Witness and they did not celebrate Christmas as how could you be sure Jesus was born on the 25th December which is a fair point. They apparently give gifts all year round.


I do celebrate Easter also. Decorating eggs, rolling them down the hill, family picnics, eating chocolate. All that good stuff. Again the true meaning behind Easter is lost for many. The commercialised chocolate bunny industry takes over.


I celebrate Halloween which is a pagan festival originally about celebrating their ancestors. This has distorted over time to vampires, werewolves and evil spirits. Whereby some Christians think this is some form of devil worship.


I celebrate New Year, Burns Night, Pancake Day, St Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, All for the fun these traditions bring. So I'm all for the fun of these celebrations than anything else.


Sarah :-)

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Posted on Jan 01, 2013 at 12:30 AM

"If anyone becomes nasty, or is disrespectful, I will exercise my right to delete and possiby block members."


Awww...geez...Hope.  Threatening people is not helpful. 

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