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Posted on Dec 29, 2012 at 01:07 PM

A guy I saw on a train smiled at me and I shyly looked away, perfectly knowing we will probably not meet again, WHY?


Old people have been young once, just like us, and they built up or sociaty in order for us to have this life..but still they are forgotten in nursing homes, WHY?


My friend loves dogs (hates cats), but her love and husband to be loves cats(hates dogs), and they say dont mix cats with dogs, WHY?


The lingerie industry is blooming, although they say "love is blind".WHY?


Many people I talk to, disses reality TV, but still they seem to watch it behind closed doors, WHY?


A man/woman expresses fairytale love and romance for a woman/man, but still he/she cant get his/her active eyes of others when they are out for dinner, WHY?


I know an anti-abortion business woman, who loves Russian caviar, WHY?


Another friend is against death penalty and is a true animal friend, but she keeps an electrical mosquito trap, WHY?



I was talking to an elderly gentleman while witing for a flight, and I naturally called him "Sir", he corrected me and said (almost as if offended) "no, pelase call me Stefan", WHY?



Its easier for an arrogant man in a Ferrari to get appreciation than a nice man in a Wolkswagen, WHY?



I met a person who used to tripple-lock his place with extreme alarmsystem etc, although he did not keep anything of value in the house, while his neighbor left the house door unlocked while shopping for groceries, and they had very expensive art on their walls, WHY?



The world just recently started to seriously get into the hype of recycling and environmental friendliness, although the world and people have been around for a while, WHY?



Some women are very strictly non smoking when the baby is in their stomach, but walk around smoking with the baby around them when the baby is born, WHY?



There are huge amounts of poor people around the world, but still some poor ghetto-originated rappers make entire wineglasses out of pure gold and diamonds, WHY?

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by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 30, 2012 at 01:37 AM

Dear francie,



One can only ask what have created such ego-trips :-)))

by Worldmind
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Posted on Dec 29, 2012 at 11:22 PM



Interesting Blog. You have much reason (presidents who are against the bourgeoisie) but They have late model car and designer clothes.

These Contradictions we see even in the Law. The human being is becoming more complex, and the vast Majority is only for His Own Interests.

That is why everyone makes Their group of friends and in an environment Where They feel good and are related to Their Own Interests. these interests are good or bad.





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