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Posted on Dec 01, 2012 at 07:54 PM

THE DAY AFTER CHEMO: a composition of cancer


I wonder what Tara Rene Jones will be known by someday in the ring. Once she is well and is ready to fight for pleasure again. We talk a lot about her love of MMA. She laughed a

t me today as I curled my hair to go out to the grocery store to buy meat. "You remind me of my mom. She would primp in front of the mirror and I remember being young, running with my mouth open to ask her a question only to find myself eating hairspray as I came up behind her. Yuck."

Her memory pained me because her mother is dead. I didn't let it show. "I'm sorry, but I need to look pretty for my meat." I beamed at her as I moved the can of spray like a halo feeling a pang of guilt knowing that my vanity was exposing my sick friend to toxic chemicals. I dug my grave in shallow when I then asked, "Are you dying?"

Tara laughed, "Not today......"

Yes, I am the woman who asks a cancer patient if she is going to croak. What can I say other than I am retarded.
THE DAY AFTER CHEMO: a composition of cancer. The collection will be of images all taken the day after. Today's session is the first but it was her fourth round of chemo. Tara has agreed to have me post her, as she is, UNEDITED, so to document the progression of her illness and her eventual journey back to health. She will be doing chemo biweekly until June. We will have a photo shoot the day after for the duration. Unless (Yes, I wonder if she will ever be too sick to make it)

There will not be an unless. 

TERRIFIC TARA'S TYRANNICAL TIRADE TO HEALTH: that chick fights like a tyrant. 

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