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Posted on Nov 27, 2012 at 09:24 AM

“I like a woman who is not afraid to look sexy,” he slurred with an accent thickly French. His voice was almost too rich, as was his attitude. “Something tight and short… Do you have something to wear of that nature?”

 “I am sexy, thank you. My style reflects my version of that description, which is understated. I don’t need to try that hard for attention, my hem line is not what turns heads….”

I left the concept open but the conversation was closed. There was no need to bother with further explanation because we were not an equal match. I knew I was not the right girl for him before he rescinded my first class ticket to New Port Beach. It wasn’t the clothes that were the deal breaker. I didn’t mind the idea of traipsing around like an arm candy hooker. It wouldn’t be my personal choice, but sexy is a preference. I am a jeans, tank top, and converse kind of girl by habit but when I dress up I aim to look like a star, with my smile being the diamond. I rarely wear jewelry. For him I would make an exception until….

“You have got to be kidding me! You honestly expect me to believe that you have not heard a swear word in over ten years! Shut the f*ck up!!!”

There was silence until he slurred, “Never! I have not heard such a thing in all this time because I simply will not tolerate it. If one of my employees were to utter such a word I would have them pack up their things immediately. I would terminate them. No one in my life swears, no one, not even my employees. I have not heard the f-word in over a decade. Until today,” he accused, “Until speaking with YOU!”

I felt as if I should be defending myself but I couldn’t because I was laughing, “A world without swearing is completely unrealistic. You may think your employees do not swear but I guarantee you that they are flipping your uppity ass off when you walk out of the room because they are pissed that you are more successful. I do not believe that life is possible without obscenity and I personally enjoy swearing. I use the f-word to flavor, but I appreciate good taste. I do have tact my dear. I have the good sense to know my audience, which is an attribute your employees have clearly mastered. Most everyone curses and Orange county is no exception. I watch the Real Housewives and they all swear. I’m just sayin’…..”

 His tone was blasphemous, “That is just television, none of it real. The people in my world are of a much higher class and sophistication and no, words like yours are never used, ever. I surround myself with only the best and most positive people….

My interest was peaked, “Show me that world. I want to see it. Show me your world…”

 He rescinded the tickets to fly there and let me know via text. “It appears that we have some differences that will not make a love connection likely…”

Show me a world with real perfect gentleman and I will become a lady who only curses during the Super Bowl, while stuck in traffic, when I smash my thumb with a hammer, when I stub my toe, when I am having really, really, really good sex, when I watch the news, when I am pissed off, when I tell funny stories…

(this list could take awhile, but so will finding that man I know is out there, the one based in reality.)

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The Life You Live is a CHOICE- I choose HAPPY :)
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Posted on Nov 28, 2012 at 07:24 AM


I especially like this blog!  This type of man with such a controlling and judgmental attitude is the kind that likes you to be "sexy", but then the first time you have a tiff....he will throw it up in your face and call you names like tramp, slut or....worse! You're better off with out him.


The pic you posted is adorable and just pure sweetness.  :)))

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