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Posted on Nov 25, 2012 at 07:31 AM

"Dang girl, you said you wanted a fight. I guess God thought that MMA is just too easy for you. You are going to fight cancer." I reminded her of certain victory. “You do realize that even if you aren’t here tomorrow you already won at life. I am not saying you are going to die soon either. I think you are going to stomp your cancer, but you could get hit by a bus. Just sayin’, Sh*t happens."

I paused, imagining her death before I continued. 

"I just want you to know that you matter in my life; you made it better in a day. Less than that, you changed my life during twenty minutes of cardio. You made me climb those damn stairs with my hands above my head like an idiot. I looked like a freaking sweaty mess disaster trying to navigate the stair master with my hands up like a field goal…”

Tara laughed easily and when she did I could see her as she was that day, prancing up the stairs while I dragged ass beside her on my machine.

“My time is precious," she said effortlessly, "so I make the best of each workout. I might not get another chance to come back so I push hard. Put your hands above your head and let your core hold you. You don’t need the rail. Rails are for sissies and old people. Drive with your heal and push up maximizing your leg workout…”

“You had cancer that day,” the realization brought me home. “Think about that Tara. You were running circles around me girl, and I am perfectly healthy. You are already winning. Fight your best fight and run your own race. You will get there."

Continued- Tara asked me to tell her story and this is the first of many more to come. Her next round of chemo is on Friday. I will be there... 

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The Life You Live is a CHOICE- I choose HAPPY :)
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Posted on Nov 28, 2012 at 08:45 PM





Yes, the format on this site is not the best!! And I am aware of the content detail where it will only allot X-amount of spacing for the blog... I was merely referring to your "3 parts" in one blog, as I recalled you posted previously you like to do this as a "cliff hanger." As JEN said, it is difficult to find all these "parts" and try to keep up... No one wishes to chase down a blog and additonally, it hurts in people responding... Give it a week or two and only the ending will show up and people will not know what others are responding to. This place can be a nightmare already without adding to the confusion! (Trust me on that! LOL) ;) 




I understand the release you receive from self expression. It can relax the mind and grants a good feeling if what we say touches someones heart. I merely wished you to do it one spot! .. My first blog here was so long, it took 2 full blogs and was a nightmare for others, (and me) so I empathise... But if it will fit, please do so in one spot... It is actually a compliment I would go through that much trouble to find it! I was annoyed at having to chase it down though, as most people are here for limited time. 




Sorry to hear of your ex and the demise of your relationship. Some things run their course and it appears you were growing away from him. You broke the shell and started blooming! Sadly, distance happens... But how wonderful you have a beautiful blessing to share life with! 




Your photography had to be somewhat rewarding as well. What a great career to see others through the scope! (and babies.... the most precious of all! ) I hope now that you have been writing and are going back to snapping, perhaps you will find even more enjoyment out of this, the second go round! I see we share similar interest in the field of art. 




Not to worry about the blog etc.. Just wanted you to keep it in one space for ease and enjoyment of reading. If we wrote "stuff" only for ourselves, there would be no need to ever post publicly... So please, try to help us out here.. We have enough to weed out with other blogs and people fighting! I just wanted to enjoy a story... 




Hope you have a great day and best wishes to you in your new endeavors! 




Oh, and PS. Not to worry over long windedness... We have a couple of "them people!!" Though I would have NO CLUE who they were! HA! Ok! Ok! Guilty as charged!  ;)

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Posted on Nov 27, 2012 at 10:15 PM

Hello :) Just wanted to say I couldn't even find part 3 in the blogs so keeping it all as one blog is a good idea.

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Posted on Nov 27, 2012 at 06:52 AM


Hi Hope. I assure you that I am real, or at least I think I am??  I do appreciate strong woman with opinions though I admit it is difficult to be on the receiving end of your message as the tone seems condescending. Perhaps I am rushing to judgment? I don’t want to come off the wrong way out of defensiveness. Cleary you were bothered enough to write and I apologize that my writing style annoyed you. Rightly so it seems, you did mention that it took you a great deal of effort to find the beginning of the blog I posted in parts. I do apologize for that. I tend to be long winded and I am only allowed so many characters per blog entry. I took my fist postings down months ago because I was not happy with the format. I remember needing to post half of my blogs as comments due to length. If you have a solution to the character restrictions per post please let me know and I will remedy my posting.




About me: I am NOT a professional writer Hope. I am a fine art portrait photographer who specializes in newborns (in business for seven years). I started writing my first blog well over a year ago and it was meant to be a business venture though I had no idea what form that would entail. My intent is to publish a book someday. I did the research, less than 10% of blogs are able to become revenue generating. I needed a career change so I picked writing. A long shot being that I ran away from home at sixteen leaving me unable to attend high school. What the hell do I know about writing? I am industrious. “If you build it they will come.”




My husband of fifteen years told me to prepare myself, “I am not in love with you any more Amber. You should start preparing yourself now because I am moving on with my life and you will be on your own.” My business as a photographer was still thriving, I would have enough money but the issue was not revenue it was TIME. He fell out of love with me because I was working seven days a week, non stop. I HAD NO TIME!!! I didn’t see my family for five years and soon it would be broken because he was done. I couldn’t say I blamed him. I was done too. 




I stopped taking pictures and started writing. I haven’t made a dime, but I have what I was missing. I have time for my daughter, for friends, for myself. Sharing my story is free, and it is priceless because it has made a difference to quite a few people. It is also quite taxing because there is always judgment, most often misplaced. Your message to me is proof of that.




My blog IS ABOUT THE AUTHOR. I write if for me and I post excerpts from it here because some lucky man is hoping to meet a girl like me. I highly doubt he will be the kind of guy who has time to read blogs on a dating website as a rule. Most men prefer to look at pictures which I am also good at ;) If there is going to be an accusation of promotion, advertizing was your claim, I will flat out agree. I am a walking billboard, one capable of my own success, but I am absolutely looking for an equal counterpart. Where will I meet him??? Is he trolling the blogs on Millionarematch or will I fall in love with Hope the woman reading the blog attached to my dating profile? 


 If it makes you feel better I will tell you that I am again working full time as a photographer which leaves me little time to write, or date. ;) You should only be annoyed by my blog on some occasions. I will also only be posting exceperts of my writing, rarely completed stories. My stories are not available to just anyone. That blog is password protected, an invitation only, VIP kind of deal. I invite my closest friends ONLY and people that believe in me :) 


Maybe one day you will be one of them. Many blessings to you Hope.


Amber :)


In regards to format- this reply will be posted above the original message, the one to which the reply was intended. Yuck. 


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The Life You Live is a CHOICE- I choose HAPPY :)
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Posted on Nov 26, 2012 at 07:59 PM

Hi AMBER... and Welcome Back... 


Could you do us a favor? We aren't your "blog site" followers... So could you please post your blog content TOGETHER... We're just normal people, trying to "be real." 


I realize you said previously when you were here... you ***space your blog content out to be inticing.. But seriously, it isn't all that enticing in this manner... (It's actually annoying, truth be told) We prefer a full story... and then we can respond and follow one anothers thoughts..... Blogs are actually NOT about the author.. And, blogs and comments already get lost in transition in a normal fashion, so 15 blogs to awake to one day trying to find "what was posted first" starts the morning off wrong... 


One would think as someone who professes to be a professional "blog writer", they would be a little more adept in "advertising" what they've written...







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