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Posted on Nov 25, 2012 at 07:16 AM

I met Tara at the gym, on the stair master more appropriately. We had exchanged pleasantries a few times, “Hi, How are you?” things of that nature, but I didn’t really know much about her. I can’t remember how we were introduced I just know that we usually said hi to each other in passing, always with a smile.




I wasn’t feeling it that particular day, in fact I was pretty sure I was going to slide off the machine as a corpse. I almost didn’t go to the gym at all because I was all kinds of sluggish.  The stair master was kicking my ass and the vice grip I had on the handles was the only thing keeping me from sliding off. Even my sweat was weighing me down and she wanted to have a conversation, as if breathing weren’t hard enough.




“I’ve been training at Brian Johnson’s for nearly a year,” she chirped as she bounced up the stairs like they were stable. “MMA….”




I hit cadence in my workout as soon as I heard the name because I was familiar, “Brian! My daughter trained there when she was around five. His wife Danny was a client of mine. I photographed their girls. The youngest wasn’t quite old enough to train yet. I remember that she wanted to…. MMA is hardcore! I wrote a blog about a female soldier that I met here at the gym. I followed her first bouts in grappling. Those are some tough b*tches! Why do you want to fight? ”




“I want to fight to inspire women to be strong. I want my kids to see me win as a single mother as I train in the gym and push through it on the mat. I want to win for them…..” her face was glistening as she continued to leap up the stairs like a bob cat in a field run over with mice. Each step was a catch.




Months later the two of us sat laughing in my living room as she told me about her cancer.





























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