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Posted on Nov 25, 2012 at 07:09 AM

It is a powerful woman to be born from meager beginnings and dark happenstance innate to the nature of its blessing.  (Amber Garibay)



“I was actually misdiagnosed. I went into the ER over a year ago because I was having chest pains. I was running nearly five miles a day at the time, eating right, hitting the gym regularly. I could tell something wasn’t right but the hospital passed it off, herding me through without further testing. I was sent home with a diagnosis of pleurisy...”



“Pleurisy? Is that a rash?”


“No, the rash came later, a year later in fact, my diagnosis followed soon after. Pleurisy was the first presenting symptom of my Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The hospital missed it. They got it right after my flesh broke out in crusty boils. I could have started treatment a year ago…….







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