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Posted on Sep 30, 2012 at 11:39 AM

Hi worldmind...
 First, allow me to make this perfectly clear. This is not an attack on the person who got V blackballed. You asked for an explanation and that's all I'm offering. That same person also has a problem with some comments I posted on V's blogs.
 You state that differences should be handled through private email...I agree, but it's rather difficult to do when that person sends you an email and blocks you from responding, which they did to both V and me. I'm leaving out any personal information about this person, including gender. The email also included this statement...(Sorry, this user has enabled email filter and is blocking messages!). This is the content of the email that this person sent me:
"Debate is geared to discuss issues NOT attack the author. This NON paying subscriber and yourself as a NON paying subscriber should not be able to post comments on a site with paying members.


Neither of you are paid subscribers to MM.

Neither of you are Verified subscribers to MM.

I am a paid subscriber to MM.

I am a verified subscriber to MM."
Draw your own conclusions. Personally, I think MM could have come up with some sort of compromise that would have benefited both parties. As for slandering another...barbs were being thrown from both sides of the fence, so why was one punished and the other allowed to go free? V's been here for many years, and a lot of us enjoy his blogs and replies. To have him pulled doesn't set well with quite a few of us.
Francie...did MM allow my response to your email  to go through?  

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Posted on Sep 30, 2012 at 11:33 AM

Francie...only true humanitarians can actually be Jesus eye for an eye-mentality was one of the reasons Jesus came, to change this and thats why He preached to love, forgive etc. Humanbeings have natural inner urges of some vendictiveness hence it takes a big ego-sacrifice and true greatness to actually forgive etc. and follow in Jesus to me personally, this doesnt actually boil down to a specific religion, it boils down to a humans character and who/what we choose to support on the basis of our inner selves. It is ultimately not a duty, it should be a personal choice.

by Worldmind
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Posted on Sep 30, 2012 at 11:21 AM


We want to return Voyager!!!!!!!


Do as I say and not as I do (perfection does not exist), we are human beings and not perfect, blogs are a way to freely express themselves.

If there is any Difference between any comments (if this comment is not what we expect), we enter a perfectly healthy and correct discucion With The other person and solve any disagreement, I read where users Blog apologize for saying something That was interpreted Differently


Your rights end where it begins the other person. Most people Tend to judge others for doing Things That They believe are wrong! They do not understand the scale of values ​​of each individually That is different! We have no right to judge anyone, not ever underestimate the Ability or the human potential of people, anyone can do really amazing things for the benefit of humanity, although his outward appearance Otherwise tell us! You only have a spark of inspiration to make this happen! Applying An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind. When the water has started to boil, turn off heat is no longer needed!


That I've learned being more religious does not make you more human!




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