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Posted on Sep 02, 2012 at 12:39 AM

A friend of mine in Canada sent me the link to a Michael Moore documentary that has made me do some very serious reassessments of how I feel about health insurance companies in this country. I'd be interested to hear your views on this film. It's on YouTube under "Michael Moore Talks About Sicko CNN". It takes awhile to view...there are 12 segments because only 10 minutes could be put on each tape. What's happening in America sickens me. We need changes to our health care system and this film really drives home the reality of just how badly our current systems operate.

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Posted on Sep 05, 2012 at 09:21 PM

I understand your frustration and anger. My father was a physician, and even back in the 50's, Medicaid and Medicare were a pain. I used to fill in for his nurse and receptionist when they took vacations, and the billing was a nightmare. To top it off, they only paid a very small amount on each bill every month, and you had to be very creative in your wording of the bills submitted for them to even cover some of the care the patients needed. It was disgraceful. My father never went into practice to make a lot of money, he felt it was his calling, so he didn't get nearly as upset with Medicare and Medicaid as his office staff and family did.  
His specialties were cardiology and internal medicine, but most of his practice was geriatric. Not many of the other doctors wanted to handle those patients because of the billing and slow payments. He was still making house calls in 1978, shortly before he had the heart attack that killed him.

I'm just thankful he didn't have to see what a horror it is today for a physician to try to do what he/she feels needs to be done and be told no by the insurance companies. It's insane.

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Posted on Sep 03, 2012 at 09:45 PM



I respect your opinion. It's shared by many others. It seems that Michael Moore is either admired or hated...I've very seldom heard any neutral comments about his work. Government and big businesses hate him because he uncovers their dirty little secrets and makes no bones about letting the public know about them.


Subjects like this are controversial, and I don't think there is a right or wrong answer...only opinions. I admire people who aren't afraid to fight for what they believe in, and this man believes that big businesses and our government should be held accountable for their actions.


EasyMan...    ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​         I totally agree with you. The price of medicines is off the chart and I don't see things getting any better in this country very soon...if ever. There are natural cures for so many diseases we're told are incurable, and the pharmaceutical companies know about them. But since they can't patient a gift of nature, they continue to search for chemicals that will appear to do the same thing. Shamans have been curing these diseases for centuries. 

There's room for both types of health care...conventional medicine and holistic medicine, but it's difficult to find a medical doctor who will recognize that fact.

Most people don't realize the negative effects many medicines have on their bodies. It's a little better now that they have to state the side effects in their advertisements, and it amazes me that people still take the stuff when the ads are telling them it can kill them.  

Many people also aren't aware that most pharmacists have more knowledge than their doctor about the medicines prescribed to them. Doctors are busy, and most of them I've spoken to have only the information and samples that the drug salesmen leave to go on. It's disgraceful there are so many doctors that hand meds out like candy...putting a Band-Aid on the problem instead of finding the cause. Many times the new illness is a result of the medicines  perscribed...and/or the combinations given to the patient.


I think what bowled me over the most was the reception the three boatloads of Americans received when they were forced to land in Cuba. I have friends in Canada and England, so the information about those countries didn't surprise me.


Wanderluster...    ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​        ​    What you say is true, but that doesn't make what the insurance companies and our government are doing to us. I think that was the show the American public this isn't acceptable treatment.  

The daughter of one of my best friends had appendicitis. She's a RN so she knew the symptoms. When she went to the hospital, they refused to operate. Told her it was just a case of indigestion and sent her home. The following day she went back to the hospital because the pain was so intense, and they said the appendix had burst but still refused to operate. They just put in a drain and sent her home. The following day her husband took her in and they did operate. This delay could have killed her, and all because the insurance didn't want to pay for the operation. They still forced her to pay

$5000 of the $23,000 bill.

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Posted on Sep 03, 2012 at 08:01 PM

Quoting Dakota35:

My opinion:  Michael Moore is a S.O.B. and Health Insurance companies are crooks.  The health care system is abused and the tax payers get screwed.  It's not going to get fixed so you'd better stay healthy.

Lasty, I believe the government loves for people that recieve some sort of government payment not to take care of themselves.  The quicker they die the less the government has to pay out.  It's all just a big mess from every direction.

Oh, and did I say Michael Moore is a S.O.B.? Don't believe everything he says.  But everyone knows insurance companies are crooks.

As twisted as your anger has made your logic appear, Dakota, you are 100% correct. More or less...

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Posted on Sep 03, 2012 at 02:35 PM

According to the CDC 75% of healthcare expenditures are lifestyle related.  Americans are generally overweight, don't excercise, many smoke, and eat poorly.  Cost is price x volume.  Part of the dilema is for us all to get healthy so we avoid the costly Rx's and care!

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