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Posted on Aug 05, 2012 at 03:01 PM

{** The sugar scene**} ~Drinks~ I ventured out last night for the first time in ..gosh i cant recall.  A few of my co-workers finally convinced me after some back and get out of the house for drinks.. Ok..I finally I conceded.  We went to a restaurant/ bar called The Daiquiri Factory. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, nice patio , pretty good drinks. There were a couple signature drinks . One called DUI ..another... Orgasm.. Unsure how potent these were and being I had to drive home.. I stayed in my familiar lane. I had my usual frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. My limit.. 2 drinks. We laughed and talked for a few hours, sitting on the patio enjoying Atlanta's night life, people watching and each other's company. I thought to myself .. This isnt bad.. I can do this. Getting out of the house is.. fun.. Its actually liberating.. About 12:00am ( waaay past my bed time) I'm thinking we are going to be saying our goodbyes for the night. One of the ladies had a eureka moment.." Hey let's go dancing" she said. (   Huh?) The other ladies were all agreeable. ( Oh No) All eyes fixed  on me..  I slumped in my chair..."Sure" I said unwillingly .. "Why not?" You only live once right? I thought to myself. Carpe diem!! **Nervous giggles** Ughhh!!!! Who am I kidding? {*The Shi* scene}~ Dancing~ This is when you realize you don't belong in a club.. 1. All the music is unfamiliar to you.. ( I did not recognize any of the songs ) 2. Everyone is dancing except you..  ( I have 2 left feet) Men trying to talk to you but instead, they are yelling at you over the music    (PLEASE DON'T SPEAK TO ME) 3. Men trying to grope you.    (REALLY SIR ?!!!) 4.Your choice of beverage is limited ( where the hell am I?) 5. You can't move from the spot you are in because the crowd is so thick ( Oh Dear) 6.You get your toes stepped on ( ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?) 7. You constantly check your pocket to make sure your lipgloss, drivers license and credit/debit card are still there. ( THANK GOODNESS!!) And the kicker.. The real kicker 8. You smell like an ashtray .. (I almost passed out..) I think everyone was smoking everything known to man.. Of course I was too as a result ( contact and second hand smoke)!! (Omg time to go..) All of this happened in about 15 mins but it seemed like an eternity. I was standing there looking out of place and feeling very foolish..As I'm watching my co- workers have a good time..I realize just then . I. Need. An.Exit Strategy. I came up with the only excuse I could.. And it worked I pulled one of my co-workers close to me. .whispered in her ear "My heels  are killing me, I need to go"... She looked at me .. kissed my cheek and said "see ya Monday". And just like that she was gone.. disappearing into the crowd.. Smh I smelled like an ashtray.. My hair and my clothes wreaked of smoke.. My daughter was still up when I got home ( she's 19) She inquired about my night. I gave her a recap of how my night went from sugar to sh** Her response.. Side splitting laughter..Im not sure why it was funny, however I'm happy she  found humor in it . Defeated.. I went upstairs, took a shower...crawled into bed, picked up my iPad , played Fur Elise a couple times on the Magic Piano app before.. passing .. out ...

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Posted on Aug 25, 2012 at 12:57 PM

Terrific story telling.  It shares so much about the scene and yourself.  I really enjoyed reading it.  It was also nice to know there are others who feel the same way I do wiith the "let's go out" adventures. 

**My top strength is"learning." So, my blogs are learning-focused. ~Orlando
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Posted on Aug 11, 2012 at 12:40 PM

Smiling.. Happy to share awkward moments :-) Thanks for the responses!!!!

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Posted on Aug 08, 2012 at 03:12 PM

AWwww.... I don't know whether to laugh or cry here.. 


My 19 year old daughter would have laughed at me as well, so don't feel bad! 


I read your profile... You seem very sweet.. and ummm... a little shy here.


Those are great qualities. 


We are 14 miles apart, so if you ever want to "Bowl the night away..." 


But I gotta warn ya... My personal best is the year I was born.. 67!!


YEP! Move over... COMPETITION!! (I am my own best handicap!) 


Not sure what this site brings to others here in the "LOVE" dept.. But I have a great friend in area I met on the blogs and she and I hang sometimes...... 


We will usually meet in Perimiter at Goldfish or Season's.. Cheesecake... I'm kind of thinking that might be more your speed.. and $5 TINI's.. Who can resist! 


We went one time to some place.. Harry's.. Johnny's? IDK... But it was a bit off the wall... 


Can you say DISCO! LOLOL.... 


Our "WILDEST" night on town? 


SAGE.... turns into more a "club" scene the later it gets.. We moved from dinner to a table in bar area.. Jeez... I think I'm getting old and boring! 


NO WAIT! We went to the movies and didn't get home til MIDNIGHT and it was during the week!


I told her later... 


"What the heck! 11:30 and all I saw was HEADLIGHTS and cars zooming by me at 80!" 


Oh yeah.. Some wild ones for sure!


Throw a bowling ball in .. and it's time to put the hamma down!!! LOL...


Best wishes to you QUIETSTORM... 




Now you can officially be bored with the rest of us! ;)

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Posted on Aug 06, 2012 at 02:07 PM

Awww.  I think maybe it depends on the club you go to.  I hadn't really been out in...well YEARS...I won't say how many because it's embarrasing...I decided to start taking salsa lessons at a Jazz club.  I've been going every week and staying for the "latin dance party" afterwards which goes until 2AM, but I'm usually gone by 11:30.  We've gone smoke free here in Indy so we don't have to worry about smelling like an ashtray anymore and it's fun because the people that you are learning to dance with are there to chat after the lesson is over.  Maybe if you had a different type of experience at "the club" (one that appeals to more than just the 20 somethings) it wouldn't be so bad.  :)

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Posted on Aug 06, 2012 at 07:48 AM

QuietStorm, Had to laugh out loud!!! Sounds like you live with me.Feel the same way. Your a beautiful woman so don't let it get to you, your time will happen when you least expect it. Just stay true to yourself , keep a smile on your face with love in your heart and you never know what awaits around the corner and.....have a beautiful day and enjoy your daughter.....

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Posted on Aug 05, 2012 at 07:19 PM

What a beautiful blog! Sounds like me! Lol!!!! You know when it is not your scene! I can tell you why your daughter was laughing - it's like trading her first date story with mommy! You were certainly a fish out of water, and guess what your blog got me laughing too! And I knew how it would end before I got to the middle of it, LOL!


Thanks for sharing.



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Posted on Aug 05, 2012 at 04:46 PM

You sound like a well grounded woman, and I know exactly how you felt! Clubs have effected me like that since I was a young woman, and that was decades ago. Still can't stand them. I'd much rather just go out on the lawn and watch the mist slowly pulling itself out of the woods and across the fields like a soft, grey blanket. The only sounds I hear are the foxes in the woods yipping in close harmony under a new moon, and the contented murmuring of sleepy birds. Fireflies flirt in the tall grasses and bats fly under the yard light, gracefully chasing their dinner in it's light. If I'm lucky, the Aurora will began it's dance across the northern sky and the creatures of the night began their quest for prey. Every once in awhile one of the mares will call to her foal, and the cattle will come up to drink. If heaven is anything like this, then I definitely want to go there.
Personally, I'd rather hang myself than have to listen to the incessant blaring of what passes for music in most of the clubs, and the stench of cigarettes in stale air. That can't began to compare with the feelings of contentment and peace the magick of a country night conjures up...or the excitement of what each new day may bring. I would be better, shared with someone who understands and loves the simple pleasures of the land and animals, but it's more than enough to fill my heart and soul with contentment. It completes me, at least as much as one person can feel complete. I'm happiest in the wilderness...connected with the universe. Maybe someday I'll find someone to share that with. If not, each day is still a miracle filled with the power of moonstones and azurite. 
Thanks for sharing your night...quite entertainingly, I might add, and reminding me why I never accept dates when the itinerary includes noisy clubs.  

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