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Posted on Tue, Jul 03, 2012 09:28

Chemistry, try it sometime. h2o  and  co2  and some of Dave's hot sauce. I was hoping that this kind of blog would get your attention...  What is she making in this concocktion. Spell that on for size.   A real live chick trying to meet a real live   **ck  (fill in the blank)...

Need to make magic and mystery and what-ever-comes next.  It's futile blogging something R*e*a*l.    Cannot fathom what that is on an ethereal match-site...  Fantasy or is it real???

PLEASE ....  on the 4th FULL MOON  a luxury not to be believed.   Tell me this is NOT  to be. I now,  find out....

Witches and sticks ride together. 

Chemistry 101.... this is a joke,,, you know...right>>

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