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Posted on Mon, Jun 25, 2012 08:22 AM

So at the weekend some girls from work and myself dressed up in a 80s glam rock style for a night out. We went to see the Rock of Ages and have to say despite the critics review the film was great. Soo hllarious. I'm also amazed that Tom Cruise can actually sing.  :-O Obviously the songs are nothing like as good as the originals but a musical is a musical. Well worth a view.


Sarah :-)


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Posted on Mon, Jul 02, 2012 05:20 AM

Yeah it is amazing how much these places charge now. I remember during my student days it was £4.50 now its £7.80 or in 3D £12+. Then popcorn is like £4 drinks are like £2. We tend to just bring our own sweets or go for a meal before the movie.


Sarah :-)

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Posted on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 12:17 PM

Quoting Conyersguy:





I have to disagree.  I thought it was a spectacularly bad movie.    It was basically a great live screen play, filmed.   So what would be a wonderful stage productiion became a bad movie.


In my opinion, of course.   I certainly respect yours.




That being said, it is worth seeing, just for the 30 minutes of incredible scenes.   I assumed most of the performances (especially Cruise) were just lip -synched in with real singers doing the vocals.    I'd be interested to know which were really sung by the actors.  My opinion of Cruise's performance would go WAY up.




And my opinion of his star solo could hardly GO up !!!   It has to be every actor's dream to have a scene as THE rock star (otherwise why would so many of them play in bad 'buddy-bands'?) but Cruise absolutely SOLD it.    This scene alone was worth seeing the whole show.  



The Alec Baldwin - Russell Brand duet was also a show-stealer.    




Sarah is right that there are many funny scenes.   No cohesiveness, but funny, nonetheless.




And Russell Brand's performance was deserving of an Oscar Nomination in Supporting Actor role.  He was wonderful (This from someone who has not liked ANYTHING he has ever done previously!!)  Alec Baldwin was good in some scenes, very average in others, but will probably get the attention.......because he's AB.




Another view from the cheap seats.         (And while the seats were OK, really, I had a heart attack over the concessions !!!!!  Popcorn and soft drinks for 5 was $ 50.  !!!!!!!  THAT is preposterous !!!!!   Or maybe just another sign of advancing old age. lol)





The price of beverages and snacks is a good reason to carry a big purse!  Guys can use a small blanket or a jacket,etc. to sneak in whatever.

My tickets are bought at Costco for slightly cheaper than the theatre prices. I almost have a bonus points card that is a free program by the theatre, after so many points you get free popcorn,etc., up to a free movie ticket.

My ex didn't call me Jenny Split A Penny for nothin'.

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Posted on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 12:38 PM

Well my expectations were not high but it made me laugh so for something to do that this year is a win! Would have loved to have seen the actual live theatre production. Maybe they will tour. My next recommendation is Jaws. Also looking forward to the new batman film. :-) Sarah :-)

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