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Posted on Mon, May 28, 2012 09:12

So, gas prices are down by 17 cents since last month, averaging nationally $3.67/Gal for regular gas.  For months Republicans couldn’t talk about anything else except gas prices, accusing President Obama of causing the spike in prices and wanting prices to be high because he favored alternative sources of energy.  Alternative energy would seem more competitive if oil prices were high.  *sigh* 


  Everyone knows that oil prices are set on the world market, not controlled by the US President… and it would be ridiculous for a sitting President to want oil prices escalating during an election year.  At least, one would hope everyone has enough savvy to figure that one out! 


 Given the logic used by the GOP, if President Obama was responsible for gas prices going up, is he now responsible for gas prices coming down?  Do you think he will be given any credit? If I was a betting woman….my guess is that it will be the same sour grapes as when Bin Laden was SHOT IN THE HEAD!!  Or like when the auto industry was SAVED!!


Lololol….Yes!  I do think President Obama and his team really should get some credit!  Oil prices spiked last spring due to fear, by world market and Wallstreet speculators that a war might very well break out with Iran.  President Obama, Secretary Clinton, et al have proven to be smart, pragmatic, Respected world leaders.  They don’t make it a habit of promoting war as an optimal strategy to resolve conflicts.  In fact, world tensions have calmed in regards to Iran….and gas prices have come down, much to the dismay of the saber-rattling Republicans.


Now if anyone wanted gas prices to go over $5/Gal, you can vote Republican and if they win maybe the United States will preemptively attack Iran!!  That’s what we need…..another empty suit, ex-governor that has already hired 37 Ex-Bush advisors to advise him on international politics.  Scary!!!  MUCH scarier than all that non-American, socialist, born in Kenya stuff told about Obama.

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