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Posted on Oct 05, 2011 at 10:09 PM

Its times like these that make me wonder… WHAT TRULY MAKES A MAN? I’ve never met Mr. Jobs, didn’t know much about him except he HAD to be a genius geek, and I never could afford a Mac or an Apple… But I KNOW in my heart…. A LEGEND doesn’t make the man.. THE MAN MAKES THE LEGEND… and that is EXACTLY what STEVE JOBS did.. He left a legacy behind no one can deny…. Ironically, Steve received life through two University of Wisconsin graduates, yet he was given up for adoption. His father was a political science professor and his mother a speech therapist. The couple married shortly after placing him in adoption and had another child they kept. He obviously came from a pool of “good genes.” None the less, I am fairly certain he had his own “abandonment issues” to deal with. However, as with most in life, we muddle through the trials and pursue our own happiness and goals. He was 27 when he finally found his biological parents. Steve was considered extremely smart and in fact in very early years, was offered enrollment in high school. His adoptive parents declined. Steve tinkered in the garage with his adoptive father working on electronics as a young boy and 6 months into college, he quit, as he seemed to become distracted easily and could not focus on anything other than what he found enticing. He popped in and out of creative interest college courses and at the age of 20,he and his friend, Steve Wozniak started “APPLE COMPUTERS” in Jobs’ garage. As far as his personal life goes, not much is known. It was stated he had a daughter he denied paternal rights of until the age of 7. I feel despite the sadness of this.... it goes to show that we are ALL human in the end, regardless of how remarkable our achievements may appear. At the age of 7, he finally established a relationship with his daughter and as a teenager; she came to live with him. I hope he got to make up for lost time. Steve was found in 2003 to suffer pancreatic cancer, and chose not to remove it immediately. In 2004 he did opt for surgery, but died October 5, 2011.. leaving a legacy of a wife, 3 new children and his previous daughter behind. His "true legacy" however, was made to the world, starting in his garage! But none the less, I wanted to take a moment and make note of a man who innovated the entire world by a gift he received in life... as he passes in his death… I guess LIFE took a really BIG BITE out of "The APPLE!" Such an inspiration for me to follow as a high school and then college dropout myself with abandonment issues and children I have not always found easy to connect with… People like Steve Jobs inspire me to be “all I can be”…. A better human being and to utilize the gifts granted to me…. Calvin Coolidge once stated: "No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave." I think that fits here... RIP STEVEN PAUL JOBS… “Good JOB!” Um.. no pun intended!

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Posted on Oct 16, 2011 at 06:45 PM


Thanks for visiting.. and that is GREAT news to know!! CANCER is a bad seed for sure! It is amazing all the progress made over the years though!

The best thing to do is preventative.. Had my frst mamagram a couple of weeks ago..

I'm afraid I'm getting that age...

Hope your night is going wonderfully! WELCOME TO THE BLOGS!!

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Posted on Oct 16, 2011 at 06:30 PM

LOL @ Michael!! HaHa... So you know "chocolate" is my weakness eh? Well, that's probably cause chocolate is EVERY woman's weakness! LOL


Well, ya know M... I DO "get" that I make my choices and my decision making creates where I am in life..


HOWEVER, I have seen w/ my own eyes how "Something" .. call it what you will..  "Something" has INTERVINED in my life and made changes in it when I least expected it...


IE: One time.. (there have been several) but one time my daughter did not speak to me for several months.. She was upset w/ me over something that ironically came from "Mother's Intuition." I was very upset over this (obviously) and I was reading a book called "Battlefield of the Mind" ... Well I believe it was chapter 21? when something hit me hard inside.. and I lay the book on my chest and started crying out to God that if HE didn't feel I should be a mother, I would accept it.. but I needed HIM to let me know .. one way or another what HE felt because I was AT MY END.. and could not deal with the emotional trauma of this..


This was February of 2009... 2:30 am Florida time... I went to bed crying in my sleep...


I got on the computer at 9 am the next morning and HOLY JESUS.. My daughter had finally answered an email I had written her in mid DECEMBER that morning.. 3 HOURS after I cried out, she decided to write me back.. after 2 MONTHS of dimissing that email!!!! I waited until I knew she was out of school to call her and she cried to me.. "Mommy.. I've been waiting ALL DAY for you to call me!! WHY didn't you call me when you got my email??"


NOW YOU CANNNOT CONVINCE ME THAT IS A COINCIDENCE MICHAEL... GOD will ONLY work in our lives when we ALLOW Him... I GAVE UP AND "LET IT GO" in the wee hours of the night.... and He gave me the opening to mend our fences..


Did I take over when I had the door opened? ABSOLUTELY!! Do I know why He chose to answer that cry of mine and not answer other cries of mine or perhaps someone else's cry that night? ABSOLUTELY I DO NOT!!


But I am telling you now... (as GOD as my witness.. LOL) That HE "is" with me.. even when I feel so broken I can't feel Him..


It was then that I started taking inventory on my life and how many times those "COINCIDENCES" had happened.. So I recalled back when I made a thesis for my medical class... Though I did NOT believe in God or the bible.. I chose to use a scripture from it... I called my BFF to ask her what she recommended... I read that thesis aloud and not a dry eye remained in the room.. That was in 2001.. THEN.. Bike Week 2002 a friend of mine was almost killed in bike accident.. I decided then to grab that bible and I got on my knees.. (friend was critical) and I BEGGED God to let him live. I felt.. well, if He exist and can help, then WHAT'S IT HURT? My friend lived...


Fast forward a couple of years... I think I was moving and I grabbed the bible to put away and OUT FELL A PICTURE... IT WAS A PICTURE OF MY FRIEND... the man I had prayed for years earlier that lived that night... I NEVER OPENED THAT BIBLE THE NIGHT I PRAYED.. I JUST HELD IT IN MY HAND!!


IRONY? COINCIDENCE? People can call it what they will... But when wierdness happens in my life as such... I KNOW it is HIM.. He sees me, He hears me and more than anything or anyone in life.. He "believes" in me...


Now that may sound "corny" to some.. That stuff at one time used to seem pretty "out there" to me as well...


But if I have the mind-set to beleive there "could be" life on other planets..I darn sure do not find it so odd to believe "Something" created that life... as well as mine...


Not to "freak" anyone out.. but I have "felt" spirits as well... evil.. and finally good .. in my time.. So there is NOTHING anyone can say to make me NOT feel in my heart that God exist. The only problem I hold is..


GOD for me is just like EVERYONE in my life.. There are times I feel so close you would think I was  glued at the hip to some people..... And then there are times I feel so distant and alone; I purposely seclude myself from them..


So yes.. you are correct... I Do feel now is a time my "Love bank" is getting bone dry..


Sometimes we give out so much if we don't receive any deposits into that account, it seems so depleting it is unbearable.


But for me.. at the end of almost every day... there is always...




I have HOPE tatted on my ankel and I use it as my "pen name" cause that's how much HOPE truly means to me!


Now the chocolate and wine sounds great.. but I don't do wings very well.. All that orange stuff makes the Princesses nails all icky! So I say a filet rare... is always the best! If you ever make it to "Hotlanta" I know some awesome places in Buckhead!!


HEY! Did you ever see your dog house I am building for you?? LOLOL...


And listen.. You may have some of these people fooled.. but I know better! You're all heart... You just try to act all macho and grumpy and chavanistic and stupid.....





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Posted on Oct 16, 2011 at 10:35 AM

The  Gilda Club of  NYC is  a  big supporter of  Pancreatic  cancer.  i  support  their    club.

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Posted on Oct 12, 2011 at 10:48 PM

SUMMER.. Not to dismiss your comment but yes.. You are correct.. He was a VISIONARY, CREATOR AND INNOVATIVE.. I don't know his "humanitarian" issues... But I am certain he was a wonderful man in more aspects than the world will ever know of him... BUT.. being as I am JUST SEEING THIS... I must address MICHAEL and his feelings regarding his passing wife and his issues with God, as I know Him.. MICHAEL.. Listen to me and listen to me well... I "GET" your suffering... And I "GET" your denial and REFUSAL... It is well for now... Michael.. in 2005 I lay in a hospital bed DYING of SEPTIC.. Tubes were placed everywhere they could think of... to DRAIN MY BODY... (That's why I LOVE that everyone adores my elf costume BtW.. cuz... if you look real close.. you can see some of the scars on my little body.. I have severe emotional issues over it as well... Workin on it!! ) They ripped me 8 inches and threw a colostomy bag on me to SAVE MY LIFE... My colon had perforated... CUT 6 INCHES out of me!! and after many hours of not knowing what was wrong with me and MAJOR pain.. I held such enormous UNBEARABLE PAIN....I FINALLY awoke my BF (at the time) and begged him to call an ambulance and go back to sleep.... or take me to the hospital.. SOMETHING WAS WRONG.. and I KNEW it... (Obviously he loved me.. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE.. I'M A PRINCESS!! LOL) So he took me to hospital.. I will NEVER forget the pain of that railroad track for a 6 minute drive!! I refused surgery after they told me what was wrong.. I couldn't even walk.. It's AMAZING WHAT MORPHINE CAN DO!! And.. not to mention.. I AM one TUFF HEMI! My youngest was barely 7 @ the time.. I was still in the ER w/ TUBES in every orifice known to man.. with a tiny little girl clinging to her daddy.. You say in your profile you love Disney I think it is? They were on their way with their daddy (my girls.. divorced) to go to actually Universal I think... HE TURNED HIS CAR AROUND... I called him just "cause that's what you are suppose to do... if you go to hospital and you have kids.. CALL THE OTHER PARENT!! Well I told him it was no big deal, blah , blah.. was FINE.... get a SECOND OPINION.. ON MONDAY.. His weekend.. He had them..I believe it Saturday? April 2 @ 2 am 2005?? They had to send a WOMAN doctor in to see me..cuz I didn't "LISTEN" to the man with broken English doctor.. they sent a woman doctor cuz I was refusing surgery.. OH!!! I WAS IN PAIN... But not as badly as BM.. BEFORE... morphine.. so I wanted second opinion MONDAY... That lady doctor got so close to my face and I guess that's why I adore our NURSE Lady DI so much.. She was ... I could feel her breath on me... She said... "YOU DON'T HAVE TIL MONDAY.. YOU WILL DIE WITHIN 24 HOURS IF YOU REFUSE THIS SURGERY!!" Shortly after my ex was there with my 2 girls... and the little one was grabbing daddies leg screaming.. TOP OF HER LUNGS.. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY MOMMY!" I will NEVER FORGET that scream! I had surgery .. and they saved my life.. Now, I was a NON believer... but yet knowing history.. (somewhat) as i had been taught and told by friend in years since... I asked and cried and BEGGED to GOD.. IF He existed... to TAKE MY LIFE... I had been promiscuous as a teen, a cheater in later years, and an adulterer in life with nothing more to offer than my HEART... And while in hospital... someone gave me "The FIVE people you meet in heaven".. and I read it... SIMPLE READING.. ANY HUNGARIAN CAN VALUE IT!! lolol (MY HUMOR.. SORRY.. OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE FARR MORE EDUCATED THAN I...) But i read that book and then my BF and my daughters and I read it together... ALOUD... and it "touched" us... Cause it touched me first.. Then they made a movie.. READ THE BOOK PEOPLE!! I HATED GOD FOR MAKING ME LIVE... I had this "beautiful Barbie body" I once had and now this nasty scarred body from the devil himself.. I just KNEW it was my punishment for my crimes... Michael.. I know not WHY your LOVE was taken... I think some things just "happen"..... there are no "earthly" explanations... So don't ever APOLOGIZE for not "believing".... I "get" it... Express your emotions... I'm with you on this baby.... It wasn't until years later I came to God... and if that is not your path, then it's not be... DO I THINK HE WANTS YOU?... YES INDEED!! But do I believe I must force Him on people?? NO.. ABSOLUTELY NOT! I JUDGE YOU NOT!! HE IS A FORCE WITHIN.... (and trust me.. He is a force!!) I feel some things just happen and there are no reasons.. He "allows" them.. Did I once think it was evil.. YES honey.. I DID!! And you know what Michael.. before you let me know you've read this intimate stuff about MY LIFE... I STILL feel that way sometimes... Sometimes I feel like GOD just isn't there... because of all I've endured.. I feel it now sometimes.. But Michael.. Isn't that the beauty "within" me? Even though men have never turned me down "sexually".. WITH.. or without scars... Don't you think it makes me more "worthy" of LOVE" on the inside... after what I have been through..?? So when he comes knocking.. he might REALLY LOVE ME for ME??? I know not WHY you lost your love.. But I KNOW if you keep harboring resentment.. it will leave you empty... UN-FORGIVENESS is a noose we tie around our own necks.. It has NOTHING to do with anything else.. Shit happens.. It sucks.. WE MOVE FORWARD!! You were very kind to acknowledge MY feelings in my beliefs.. THANK YOU~~

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Posted on Oct 08, 2011 at 03:44 PM

HaHa @ PAT... Yes I can see it now.. Steven Jobs up in heaven... God says.... "Sorry... I had to call you in a little early.. My mother board appears to be fried! !" Bwahahaha! What an incredible man... and YES.. he definitely used his "gifts" well... I think if we gather any inspiration, it should be that whatever our "gifts" are, we need to find them and utilize them... Learning about his adoption and his lack of bonding with his daughter touched me, as it just goes to show that it matters not who someone is or how successful they are... we ALL have our personal issues to contend with.. I hope he died as happy as he made others with what he brought to the world... That's exactly why felt Calvin Coolidge quote was fitting, he gave more than he took for sure!

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Posted on Oct 07, 2011 at 07:15 PM

Nice comment, Hoping. Steve Jobs has been on my mind since I first heard of his passing. Of course he wasn't a perfect human being--none of us are. But he was, at the base of it, two extraordinary "things." One, he was truly gifted. For that he can/could take no credit. Two, he followed his gift, followed the passions God gave him, and gave the world far more than he ever took from it. For that he can/could take credit--and we must give credit to him. As I said to myself when I first read about his passing on line shortly after it happened--and as many columnists and radio talking heads have said since--losing Steve Jobs is to us in our day and age what losing Thomas Edison, or Henry Ford, must have been like for people of their age. In a world where singular accomplishments, singular genius, is often obfuscated by endless layers of technicalities/bureaucracies and political correctness, Steve Jobs stands out as one single individual who enhanced all our lives whether we own Apple products or not. As you said, Hoping: RIP. God's personal computer is surely being upgraded to the max as we "speak."

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Posted on Oct 07, 2011 at 02:33 PM

He definitely was one of a kind. The world will miss him. RIP

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Posted on Oct 07, 2011 at 06:06 AM

What an amazing man and such a terrible loss. However, for everyone who owns an iphone and ipod- he will never be forgotten!! Sarah (RIP STEVE JOBS)

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