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Posted on Fri, Oct 08, 2010 16:11

John asked me to get right to it as regards how my run one morning at Annapolis relates to my time at Ft. Huachuca, so I will.  When I got back out in the hallway at Huachuca, everyone had either disappeared or complied with my wishes and stood at parade rest with their ID tags military ID where I could see it.  Any NCO has general command authority to check IDs, and soldiers must stand at parade rest if so ordered.  




     Some of the young bucks were really bristling and probably could have banged me around a little. Instead they reasoned that I could still give them a pretty good run for their money and they would face severe disciplinary action so it was easier to comply.  After I was done with my inspection I informed them that lights would be going out in 15 minutes, and added, "Starting tomorrow morning whenever you see me walking in these hallways you'll give me the greeting of the day -- i.e. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening -- an you'll address me as "Sergeant" because that's the way we do it here (reference to a cadence everyone calls in basic training).




     The next morning it was quiet(er).  When I went out in the hallway to go to the latrine to shave, the soldiers who passed me did say, "Good morning, Sergeant".  Couple of them really didn't want to because they didn't like me, but they did anyway.  They too realized that the situation the previous night had almost spun out of control and we needed to remember our training and take pride in our service.  And then I saw what came back to me when I went out to run that morning last month at Annapolis.




     As I passed the female latrine the door opened and out walked the roommate of the soldier who had come to my door the night before.  The roommate was still in her pajamas -- nice comfy pink and white pajamas with yellow teddy bears on them.  When I saw the Navy physical fitness uniforms at Annapolis, the Midshipmen wore blue trimmed with yellow.  Even though all the services have alot in common with one another -- mainly the desire to serve -- we each have and do many things differently.  




Although I definitely noticed how different their uniforms were at Annapolis -- and they knew right away that I was a visitor -- there was also an immediate acceptance of those differences.  Because we were all there to move forward a common purpose.  The teddy bear pajamas caught me a little off guard at first because I had never seen them before in a barracks.  As I shaved I thought about it and figured, so what, no need to ban teddy bear pajamas.


     What was important was that we learn to live together by observing common courtesies and accepting each others differences so that we could each serve in our own way.  Oh by the way, that female soldier wearing the teddy bear pajamas, she did say "Good morning, Sergeant" as I walked by, and I answered, "Good morning."




***OK all let me know if you want me to go on about what else I found in the barracks during my inspection, how I decided to go about maintaining order thereafter and how the troops -- including the young male types who sometimes drank too much -- decided to respond to the new approach.


Meanwhile, Happy Columbus Day / Buongiorno di Colombo!

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Posted on Sat, Oct 09, 2010 20:08

Hi M,

I do believe the proper term is:   'Carry on'!    So please have at it.   As I have said before, you write well and are telling a very compelling and interesting story.

Anchors Aweigh,


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Posted on Sat, Oct 09, 2010 19:27

I would like to hear the rest of the story. rmac

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