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Posted on Sat, Sep 11, 2010 22:28

Let me try to use a analogy to help everyone see the problem facing many countries in the world today. Let's say that a million citizens or immigrates of our country have baby rattlesnakes. Lets call them baby citizen rattlesnakes, for lack of a better word. About six per family, on average. Sometimes there are four times as many, say 25 baby rattlesnakes per family, because of multiple wives. Lets say most of the rattlesnake children are taught to be good rattlesnakes by their parents. Most of the rattlesnake children turn out just fine. BUT, unfortunately, there is a book running around that can be interpreted differently, by parents and children alike. The parents have the book and often study it. Then, some of the children run across someone who uses a horrible and evil interpretation of the "book". It may even be their parent. If they have a "bad parent", we may have 25 bad baby rattlesnakes from one family. The little rattlesnakes grow up to be big bad rattlesnakes, with a evil interpretation of what they are suppose to be and do. The newly minted evil rattlesnake are now taught to kill, in the name of the "book". Then they are given funds and turned loose on their neighborhood, or their country of origin, or the world. They are mad, full of hate, venom, and actually quite sick in the head. Now we know that in the case of all animals or humans there will be some "bad" ones, some who have no regard for the life of their own species. We know that many want power so bad that they will do anything to anyone to gain it.. We call these psychopaths if they are human. But what happens if there is a "book" that teaches millions more to become "bad". What if there are thousands of teachers of the "book"? What if there are thousands of teachers teaching how to be a killing psychopath? Do you see the the problem? What do you think is the solution? BUT WAIT! The story doesn't end there. It turns out that there are many different kinds of big bad snakes. Some are even cottonmouths, the meanest snake of all. They all hate each other. In fact, they hate anyone who doesn't interpret the "book" as they interpret it. The kill like mad dogs, and plan on going to heaven because of their killing. Now what do you think is the solution? Should we welcome them, make them well fed and protected "citizens" so they can breed some more? Remember, only a few will be "big bad rattlesnakes" FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE THIS STORY TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. IT IS FOR PUBLIC USE.

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