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Posted on Sat, May 01, 2010 06:47

It must be a dream.  Noone was there this morning.  Anyone else have this dream?  Anyone else miss this feeling?





lying there.. so near

thinking how you will feel.

so beautiful in sleep

relaxed from worry..

open to me..

mine for tonite... 

mine for tonite..

will you ever really be mine


i touch your light small temple hairs

delicate touch.. 

delicate touch..

need you to feel..

let you know my desire..

and love.. 

even as you sleep..

you will only remember

feeling closer to me..

in the morn


pulling back the covers..

gazing at your body..

soaking in the moonlight..

such a very very nice body

no wear from children..

not the under ripened skin of youth

nor the over ripened skin of age.. 

skin that needs touching


my desire for you has grown

while i have



       ​        ​   lovingly

watched you sleep. have moved..


ever so slightly..


i lean over.. 

kiss your lips..

you respond as if

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Posted on Sat, May 01, 2010 16:52

Smax, it would seem it was even less than a dream as there's not even some gossamer wisps floating through your empty blog.... I being as dense as only I can be.....???  The vacancy was deliberate.....a very, very clever joke........  Do tell.  If I scratch my head at this one any longer, I'll start to lose my hair [LMAO].


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