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Posted on Wed, Apr 21, 2010 05:34

MM has added a new feature to the site to better serve the members.  Online Chat Support assistance is now available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help members with website issues.  You may chat online with a support team member and have your questions answered immediately.  There may be occasions when you will experience a few minute delay if they are assisting another member, so be patient and try again in a few minutes.

Until now, members have had to email support and wait 24 hours for a response, so having a support team member available 24/7 will be of great value to the members here.  They may assist you with website issues, such as how the site features work or any technical difficulties you may be experiencing. 

I hope everyone will find this new feature to be beneficial and will utilize the services provided.

As always, Stay safe, and Best wishes to you,


MM Counselor


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Available only
to logged in members

Posted on Sun, Apr 25, 2010 18:36

How to find them? I am having some tech difficulties, but do not see anyone from tech support online....

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Available only
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Posted on Wed, Apr 21, 2010 10:19

Hey Britt,


Sounds great they'll be available 24/7, might lighten your load answering technical questions that are not meant for MMCounselor.  One can only hope! lol!


What is love? Love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you. :)

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