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Posted on Sat, Jan 30, 2010 09:31 AM

Not the best but its for the season...   now if only I could fill in the "blank"


A small Valentine..


How should we love..  lets let the past decide..

maybe it will give us something true and tried


We could have jungle love, a couple with one name

and  swing thru the trees like Tarzan and Jane


Lets show our passion with words so poetic and dear

like Browning and Barrett.. our love we'd hold near


Or a young love so strong we'd to death gladly go

You¿ll be sweet Juliet.. and me..  romantic  Romeo


Or love like man did before he knew how to deceive.

I will play Adam..  and with this rib..  you are my Eve


Lets love so daring it brings Rome down to one knee

You are my lovely Cleo..  and I'm your Marc Anthony


Or a love sooo risqué that scandal sheets cover the table

You be Carole Lombard to my ear challenged Clark Gable


Lets tease, banter and then have love songs to share

I'll be nosy Sonny..  and you my sassy sexy Cher


There are other couples thru time that we all know

But we have to decide which way you and I will go


Lets love like no others..  pull on history this switch..

So Love's history will then speak of ¿blank¿ and Rich


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Posted on Mon, Feb 01, 2010 06:42 AM

you write beautifully


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