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Posted on Dec 15, 2008 at 08:23 PM

10 days will pass till Christmas.By now you have finished your shopping,and most should be into the party circuit.This year was a spin,especially the last two months.The election is decided,the future is definately unclear;but it should not necessarily be a cause for concern. Eighteen years ago,on Christmas Eve,I was the willing participant tword the birth of my first daughter,Lindsey Rose. In my wildest imaginations,(and some of my thoughts test the perihelic borders),It never occured to me a Christmas gift would be delivered. She is now in College.I talked to her about the thought of letting go of her ties with her mother.She has always been independent,and with a Leo mother,it was a forgone conclusion. It was somewhat hard to bring a new life into the world Christmas Eve,so,in order to calm your fears of the future;I would like to offer this gift of continuity to you. I started writing this blog listening to Tina Turner with the same title.She was trying to plead with Ike Turner as I am pleading my case to you. I agressively seek the the best one can give while offering a channeling of there energies tword revitalization. Smooth runnings this Christmas,and positive thoughts for the New Year

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