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Posted on Dec 12, 2008 at 06:31 AM

I dare you. I dare you to look within and find your confidence. Confidence allows you to move forward and to expect success rather then to fear failure. When our confidence is lacking there is a strong self-doubt at work. You can not move forwards in your dreams and goals if you have self-doubt. An inability to believe in yourself ties you in knots and makes it impossible to succeed. It is a tormenting fear. It stems in being wrong in who you are and an inability to accept your self and to have the confidence in decisions you make in life. The result is a confusion that can be overwhelming. You are indecisive for fear of being wrong. Self-doubt pretty much means being double minded. It is unstable in all ways. It can cause you to shrink back and hide in fear instead of moving forward and taking chances. Fear prevents your progress in your destiny. You should have the power of love, calm, well-balanced mind, discipline and self-confidence. Self-doubt comes often as a result of growing up or living in dysfunctional relationships. You end up believing that bad things will happen and so you expect them to happen. You grow to expect and therefore you won't have any disappointments when they do happen. It leads to self-doubts and a very negative attitude. You must relearn to say NO to fear and doubts and to say YES I CAN DO IT instead. The first step in confidence is to make up your mind to not show fear in your life. You must walk in power and love and a sound mind. You need to see yourself as being worthy of love. You are a special and unique creation. Faith in yourself expects good things to happen to you. It enables you to accept and deal with the mistakes you make. It allows you to feel safe and live without worry or fear. It increases your understanding and acceptance of yourself and allows you to be more secure and better able to face situations that come our way. Confidence allows you to lean on, trust in and depend on your strengths. And it teaches us how to do this with others likewise. We all have a free will. You can exercise willpower to make decisions. You can override negativity by exercising your willpower to believe. The more you practice believing in yourself the easier it becomes in time. So Dare to take a look inside your mind. What do you see there? Do you see self- doubts? Or do you see a Confidence from knowing and believing in a deep unconditional love. I want to encourage you to renew your mind and to see the beauty that is within you. Don't let feelings rule your life anymore! Take a step forward and believe. YOU ARE VALUABLE AND SPECIAL. So what do you have to loose? Look at all that you have to gain though by daring. So I DARE YOU.

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