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Posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 10:24 AM

What shall I apologize about?? Did I loose sleep? No actually slept for once. Was I angry? No was not angry, upset, disturbed,or ticked-off about anything.. Do I want to post on blogs? sure but sometime you would have to email me first...before I would reply .. but then there is the quote.. Does everyone have the right for their own opinion..? I hope so I hope we still have freedom of speech that people have and are died for to protect.. This is a global community made up of people from all walks of life..From the very timid-shy to the very out spoken... We encourage everyone to participate and have a say even if it is only "Hi, I am Here." It is the hurricanes that blow in and tosses about that sends people for cover .. then it is the rebuilding of the trust, that follows..followed by those pesky Trolls you gotta love them for their part... The only thing I could apologize for is what I am accountable for.. If I have ever hurt someones feeling by say a misspoken word. I am truly sorry.. I am human,( well I guess I am have been questioned about that.). when I do misunderstand things,,I do try to correct my mistakes..(I do know I am NOT Perfect, and don't want to be!) To all bloggers I wish for you a a better day ...I enjoy your blogs.. so Keep blogging..

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