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Posted on Aug 14, 2008 at 06:37 PM

Sing you to sleep After the lovin' With a song I just wrote yesterday And I hope you can hear What the words And the music have to say It's so hard to explain Everything that I'm feeling Face to face I just seem to go dry But I love you so much That the sound of your voice Makes me high Thanks for taking me (Thanks for taking me) On a one way trip to the sun (One way trip to the sun) And thanks for turning me (Turning me) Into a someone (A someone) So I sing you to sleep After the lovin' I brush back the hair From your eyes And the love on your face Is so real That it makes me want to cry (Love so real it makes me cry) And I know That my song isn't saying Anything new But after the lovin' I'm still in love with you Englebert Humperdinck After the lovin'

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