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Posted on May 11, 2008 at 07:08 PM

So James, what's with the pink lettering? Did you finally go gay on us? Not that there would be anything wrong with that... Lol and the answer is still no. The pink is a salute and a tip of the cap to Major League Baseball. If you all turn on your televisions right now and turn it to ESPN, you should be seeing the Red Sox playing the Twins. Notice something different? In every baseball game across the country on Mother's Day players are being given the option of swinging for the fences with pink bats. They are saluting their Moms, Mothers everywhere, and raising awareness for breast cancer. A triple play of respect for the kinder, gentler, and vastly smarter of the species. I would like all the Moms of MMland to stand up and take a bow. (*APPLUASE*) I loved my mother very much and miss her dearly. My gratitude for her shaping me into who and what I am now is never ending. I live every waking moment of my life trying to make her proud of me. She raised me and my three brothers by herself (my father died of a heart attack when my twin brother and I were two years old) in the 70's. Bless her soul. You can only demand respect if you can command respect, it's a two way street and one can't have one without the other. Jmho. Having said that, it means so much to me to be a part of this virtual community. I'm honored to have made your acquaintances and I look foward to good times here for a long time to come. Could I BE any sappier?! Funny, but every time I put the word "gay" in any of my blogs, I'm treated to a mini onslaught of non-blogging gay and straight men checking out my profile. Hmmm... Ladies, from my heart I say Happy Mother's Day. Love, James.

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