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Posted on Nov 14, 2007 at 10:18 AM

This blog is about balance. The kind you strive for in the good, the bad, and the ugly of life. The beautiful thing about balance is that sometimes it's cosmic. The trick is to be objective and to be open to it... One song, three horses, and a baby. Grace under pressure saved my life one night recently and I've come to see that grace note was wrapped inside the pressure point. But that was one moment in time. Pressure point: Held hostage at gunpoint in a convenience store robbery. (C-stores up here don't even sell beer. What's that all about?) Grace note: Singing Sinatra's My Way with 800 other marching band alumni at homecoming 12 days later. (One song) Pressure point: The following Monday (SeSun, my bad, RG!) I was told that a dear friend had decided to throw in the towel and end his life. Grace note: At the wake, his fiance said: "Oh my God! You're James? Jeremy talked about you all the time!" Bonus grace note: Three horses. We met at a friends house to take one car to the funeral. I didn't even notice the horses at the time but there they were after the service. I explained to the owner that while I hadn't been around a horse since I was a kid I'd always thought I'd be good with them. She led me out back and told me to grab some apples from the basket. She introduced me to each one with their stories. I was issued an open invite to come back and learn to ride. Pressure point: Major job stress without even a modicum of understanding among the higher ups. Grace note: I spent last Sunday chain sawing, chucking, and stacking wood with my best friend. His wife had a baby girl 10 months ago. She was shy at first but 20 minutes later she was a major flirt. After dinner Mommy came with baby on her hip to hug me good bye. The baby was so tired but reached for me. When I put her on my hip she burried her forehead into my chin.

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