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Posted on Jun 06, 2006 at 11:02 PM

How can one become attracted, fall in love, and what have you, ONLINE? What happens is you'll meet the right person online that meets your expectations of chemistry in the following stages: 1. You like each other's bios. Next 2. The photos you receive are very intriguing. Next 3. The email banter is very stimulating, flirtatious, etc. Next 4. The telephone conversations bring about interesting connections. Next 5. The real life meeting, the most important of all, you go armed with the knowledge that you are about to meet someone whom you already have evidence of being attractive, witty, bright, kind, talented, etc. And realizing all that, it's easier to feel comfortable. If you are attracted to him/her physically, you're going to know in about 10 seconds, and if it's mutual, then BAM! off you go. The fun is just about to start. So... you have to meet each level of chemistry as it comes to you and pass... for some, this is effortless, for many it can stop on any level. People who don't spend the appropriate amount of time at each level are going to get curveballs thrown at them, trust me. People who spend too much time at any level above are going to risk falling for a projected image of their ideal fantasy. This happens often and easily, for a few reasons. Your mind is playing tricks on you, it's a form of escape and wishful thinking, and you aren't used to dating this way, as it really is the reverse of what we've all been doing for years. Try to trust your instincts. Be safe, be honest, and have fun!

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