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Posted on Jun 22, 2007 at 02:36 PM

Deep down in a cool, damp cave looking for hidden treasure. Working through all the dust and dirt ..getting dirtier and dirtier about ready to give up when you notice something in the corner of your eye. Walking towards it you start brushing away the dirt and find an object. Slowly you lift it from the dust and take a good look at it..with all the dirt it doesn't look like much so you gently blow some of the dust away..looking at it it has a very odd shape as you look closer you see what looks like some shiny objects protruding out of it could it be jewels??? you put it back in the sack your carrying and go a little further not finding anything and getting tired you find a place a sit down. contemplating whether to clean that object off or not.. Curiosity gets the better of you so you take it out and look at it for a while . After what seems like forever you decide to try and clean it up the best you can ...wondering if those are jewels or not; hoping to get a better look at the object You get out a rag and start to clean it up, as you are rubbing the object and putrusions you discover they are jewels the best looking diamonds, rubies, and emeralds you ever seen. Now thinking of how much they woill be worth you are startled by the smoke coming out of the spout. As the smoke clears this strange looking man sittinng cross legged with his arms folded is staring at you...for what seems like a very long time. then he says ( and yes folks you know what he is about to say "your wish is my command. I am the genie in this bottle and you have three wishes I will grant you. So choose wisely" so you take time to think what do I really want. do I go with the sensable wish or do I go with the greedy wish. So you say oh H*** I'll go greedy. So for the first wish you ask for your dream car.. the genie nows says "your wish has been granted". looking around you don't see anything so you figure ok a bunch of BS, so for the second wish you ask for your dream home, again the genie says "your wish has been granted" . Looking around again you see nothing but the cave you've been sitting in and nothing more, so for the third wish ( you get more greedier) you ask for riches beyond your belief, again the genie says " your wish has been granted" now the genie has granted supposedly all your wishes he starts to turn back into the smoke from whence he came...catching him before he vanishes you shout "stop" he stops and you ask where is your so called wishes. The genie replies they will be at this address; looking at the adress you find it to be the empty lot you were dreaming of buiulding your dream home on.... now you leave the cave, object in hand and find your self standing in front of your dream home and car you wished for. Appearing in your hand is a bank statement your balance is bigger than you've ever dreamed.......after looking at iot for what seems like eternity the balance now shifts to a lesser number....mad you sommon the genie again asking why the change.....with out saying anything you see a puff of smoke and hear a "poof" sound and lo and behold three men are standing in front of you dressed in suits. Puzzled you look at the genie as he shruggs his shoulders he says as they show thier id's the IRS... yes folks only in america can your fairy tale be "poofed" by UNCLE SAM!!!!!!

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