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Posted on May 25, 2007 at 10:56 AM

staying in a bad relationship or trying to fix yourself will impede path to 'perfect,' accepting person A lot of us seem to be constantly searching for that "perferct" person who will make our lives complete. Many would rather be in a relationship than be on their own, just to be with someone. There's unspoken expectation in our society to not be single. People will just assume you have a significatant other, and if you don't, will ask you, "why not?" (or not say anything and fel sorry for you). Maybe you can just chalk it up to human nature. Ever sinc Adam and Eve, we werte meant to partner off in life, so it is within all of us. However, it seems that what people are willing to do to attain love has gotten outof hand. Some use their sexuality, others lie to make themselves appear more appealing, and some give up thier self-respect. The key is to find the one who will love you for who you are. We muist never change for someone else. We often try to over analyze ourselves and pick apart what we do "wrong" and what we need to "fix" about ourselves in order to gain love or attention we desire. No matter how much you want a relationship and to be convinced that a certain person is truely the one. If only__________.Don't try to fill inthe blank. Instead, you will meeet someone else who will fill that need (as will that person you are trying to mold). But you won't see it coming if you've tied yourself to a less-than-fulfilling relationship. The pressure to love is something that will always be. It's a good pressureand a bad one, a gift and a curse. But if we keep our eyes on the prize, our hearts and mouths full of truth and our arms open to possibilities, we will be OK in the end. an article I found in the paper. I believe it is true. any comments??

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