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Posted on Feb 14, 2007 at 01:23 PM

Okay, I'm curious. When male/female read a profile of someone who claims he/she was eagerly searching for a nice lady/man who wanted to be treated kindly, pampered, and would like to be taken care of!!! Doesn't want to be taken advantage of. Wants to be appreciated for their kindness and everything they will do for you. The skies the limit what they'll to for you to make you happy. If they like you. They are a great listener, can keep a secret, which makes them a great confident. They are very honest, and won't tell you things that are not true....doesn't play games and if they find that they like you, they won't take three days before calling you.... Then they goes on to state their beliefs: romance, holding hands in public, treating a you with respect. Plus they are very generous, old fashioned, if a man, he opens the door for ladies (car too), and pulling her chair out at a fine restaurant, and standing up when she arrives back to the table. He believes in the small of a women's back, and long slow deep kisses that last for days and days. He/she likes treating a man/woman like a "King/Queen". Finally they want someone who knows how to reciprocate all this and love unconditionally. OK...LADIES/GENTLEMEN...when you read a profile such as this (whether by a male or female), how does it make you feel about that person? Do you make a judgment of that person? I am not usually a judgemental person, but I do. It makes me wonder why a man/woman must list ALL the things they are going to do for the extreme. It's like they know what buttons to push and are saying all the right things that a man/woman want to hear, because those people are dreaming of the perfect soulmate. It's their dream come true. It makes me suspicious. You see, I think all the things listed are a given, and need not be spoken. They should be innate, flowing naturally. So when someone has a need to spell it makes me flag, player, probably the opposite of what they claim in their profile. Is it just me? Am I too suspicious? What are your thoughts?

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