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Posted on Jan 01, 2007 at 08:35 AM

Give it goes away. And sometimes dating someone new can help heal that broken heart, even if that person is not 'the one' for you...he/she will be a stepping stone...just so long as you don't take it so far as to end up breaking their heart and putting them in the same place you are now. I think God sends people into our lives at the time we need them...for whatever purpose we need them...maybe just to talk and listen, and get our feelings out. When the time is right, someone else will come into your life...if not just to teach you a lesson or two that you might have missed while in a relationship with this man. I'm referring to the lessons in life we all talk about learning...not something spiteful. Just give yourself the time you need. Don't swear off men completely, because their not all jerks! And he may be Canadian, but I had something similar happen to me 3 yrs ago...he was American. We had been seeing each for 2 wks each month for a year. You get over it...a little wiser.

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